Thursday, August 5, 2010


8-5-2010 9:45 AM EST

The Senate will begin a confirmation vote today for Elena Kagan.
New evidence has surfaced that Kagan is Involved on at least 9 dockets pertaining to Obama's eligibility

How is that for HOPE N CHANGE ?

*Obama takes HUGE donations from British Petroleum ( in fact he was the largest recipient of B.P.'s generosity ) prior to being elected President .

* Obama Appoints Timothy Geithner Secretary of the Treasury , AFTER Obama's mother worked for Geithner's father.

* Obama appoints Anita Dunn as White House communications director.
Dunn undertook the task of exposing the lies of FOX NEWS . Dunn resigns.

* Obama appoints Robert Bauer ( Dunn's husband) as White House Chief Council , AFTER Obama has paid Bauer almost 3 million dollars to make sure that ALL inquiries and litigation into Obama's school records, law records , Selective Service status , adoption records, passport records , and any other matter of record in Obama's past is never allowed to see a day in court .

* Obama nominates Kagan for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States ,AFTER Kagan represented Obama and made sure that NONE of the cases were even heard in the 9 lawsuits seeking information on his eligibility.

If one were to Substitute the name CHENEY or GEORGE BUSH in the place of OBAMA would We have a MAJOR scandal ?

Transparency brings us this ?

*The administration that promised no lobbyist would be in the White House , is full of "appointees" , that run across the street to a coffee shop and use PERSONAL e mail accounts to conduct their " pay for play " negotiations , and circumvent the disclosure rules in place to allow American citizens to view the records of visitors to the White House and emails to and from employees inside the White House .

* An Attorney General that engages in practices to make sure that minority citizens are not prosecuted when they commit crimes against non minority citizens ?

* An Attorney General that files lawsuits against a state that is trying to enforce immigration laws , under an agreement that the state entered into with the White House ( 287 G ) , all the while NOT prosecuting cities and states that create " sanctuary cities" in BLATANT violation of U.S. Law ?

* An administration that promises to close the " illegal detention center in CUBA " , then the issue is never spoken of again ? The same administration that announces that it will use the very city that was victim of the 911 terror attacks ( NYC ) , to try accused 911 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, then filp flops after public outrage, and 1 year later nothing has happened ?
Do the BUSH critics not realize that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is still buried in a hole in GITMO ?

How long before Eric Holder files suit against Virginia now that the VA. Attorney General has decided that Law Enforcement may do the EXACT same thing in VA , that Holder has filed suit against the state of Arizona for ?
How about the good citizens of Missouri are they now " Enemies of the State" because they went to the ballot box and REJECTED Obamacare ?
How long before Holder files suit in MIssouri ?

Simple answer , these citizens do not matter , as the number of illegals in these states that would cast the " automatic vote " the Tyrants would receive under an AMNESTY deal are not great enough in number for the D.O.J. to interfere and file a lawsuit .

Has holder violated the 14th amendment ? The 10th Amendment ?

Are citizens in VA. and MO. not going to get the same " equal Protection under the law " that OBAMA has decided that he will force on the people in the state of Arizona ?

Change the names , and this sounds like something from 1940 in Europe .

American citizens are now being RULED , rather than governed !!

*Let us not forget that Holder was 2nd in charge when federal agents killed innocent women and children at Waco , in an illegal raid to confiscate firearms that were being registered under the strictest of B.A.T.F. guidelines.

*Let us not forget that Holder was 2nd in charge when federal agents stormed a predominantly Cuban community in Miami to snatch a small boy .

Obama can utter HOPE N CHANGE and claim that he is THE POST RACIAL President all he wants to ,but he now enjoys a 40% ( soon to be in the 30's) approval rating , and a new CNN poll shows ( naturally it is over sampled with Democrats ) that 60% of Americans doubt the place of his birth .

The Citizens of Missouri voted Tuesday and 70% voted for an initiative that rejects OBAMA CARE .

*Missouri Senator ( DEMOCRAT ) Claire McCaskill announces Wednesday that the good people of Missouri are actually WRONG , As she understands it, the message from last night is, “We’re still too ignorant and/or partisan to understand how great ObamaCare is.” So there you have it , the people just need to be RE EDUCATED on the issue , they are confused , their freedom and Liberty is really not being stolen from them by Tyrants that ignore the rule of law , election results, and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE !

The State Department rescinded its warning to potential travelers to SPAIN , warning them that American Citizens that are black are subject to rampant racism in the Spanish Government .
Convenient that the allegations were rescinded MINUTES before Michelle Obama landed in Spain ?
Any wonder that Michelle is being called MARIE ANTOINETTE as she takes AIR FORCE 2 and and army of protection to rent out an ENTIRE floor of the costliest Hotel in SPAIN ?

Will Obama allow free elections in November ?

How many NON OBAMA voters will be intimidated at the polls ? Will Holder ignore and fail to prosecute these criminals also?

How many fraudulent votes will be counted and help elect another Liberal kook like Franken ?

Will Obama allow our brave soldiers fighting for our freedom and safety overseas have their votes counted?

For the answers to these questions and the location for the nearest Re education facility to you simply tune into the " COUNTDOWN with KEITH OLBERMANN ( a fully GOVERNMENT authorized propaganda outlet ) .

*** Disclaimer : Anyone found guilty of watching the EVIL FOX NEWS or any other outlet not under the control of the JOURNOLISTO group will be forced to " EAT CAKE ".



lounorm said...


Tyrants can turn peaceful citizens into ranters. One citizen, who is fed up with the depraved nuts and devils running America these days, was heard to shout: "John Hinckley Jr. and Eric Rudolph, now that we REALLY need you, where are you?" For insights into some of the worst tyrants, Google or Yahoo "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Obama's Re-Election Promise," "Un-Americans Fight Franklin Graham," and "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque."

(saw the above while netting!)

nicacat56 said...

You all are so full of shit, that if one were to just stick a pin in you, the whole universe would disappear. Lord have mercy upon those who truly believe what you say. Also, God have mercy upon YOUR souls.