Monday, September 14, 2009

Senate Votes to Cut off ACORN Housing Funds

9-14-2009 6:55 PM EST

Johanns Amendment #2355 to H.R. 3288. PASSES ON A 83-7 vote in the Senate .

Mike Johanns's amendment passes and bans federal funds in the current transportation and housing appropriations bill from going to ACORN.

90 total votes ? Which Senators were not at work today ? Which Senators were afraid to vote against the THUGS at ACORN ?

Will we see a full investigation? Is the media going to go back and clarify Obama's claim he never worked for ACORN?
How about a nice RICO indictment ? Will smart Democrats worry about the 2010 election and being tied to casting votes for other OBAMA cronies ?

Will we see a full investigation on EVERY mortgage the ACORN organization has touched ?

Shouldnt we be asking Officials at the state and federal level how 2 KIDS could expose this criminal organization?

James O'Keefe is 25 and the aspiring film maker, and Hannah Giles is 20! Giles is said to have come up with the whole idea.

It is truly unfortunate they are to young to run for CONGRESS !!

Can the MUD SLINGERS for the left not find any dirt on these two ?

Will the IRS finally go after the monies owed to them by ACORN ?

I predicted previously OBAMA would let this thing fester , then try and spin it if some other " crisis " didnt erupt and draw attention from the issue .
Axelrod must be pulling his hair out trying to spin this one .

Should any one wonder why OBAMA wants to RAHM all his legislation through before any one gets a chance to read or investigate it ?


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