Monday, September 14, 2009


9-14-2009 10:10 AM EST
OBAMA is not happy about the Stock market rebounding.He has decided to start a trade war with CHINA. Never mind that we desperately need CHINA to buy our bonds and the US is China's largest customer .This is a pure AGENDA play on Obama's part !

Who is really behind this HUGE blunder ? Obama's old friends THE UNION !!!!!!!

In April 2009 , the United Steelworkers Union petitioned the trade commission to declare that the U.S. tire industry has been harmed by an increase in tire imports from China.

Makes sense to me Steel workers losing jobs because of cheap import tires ( The US tire makers CHOOSE NOT to make and market a entry level priced tire ).

World markets will tumble .Obama will declare " Health care reform is the only way to preserve our economic rebound" Mix in a little Fear , Uncertainty and Doubt " people will die if we do not act soon " ,and Rahm will be happy he created another " crisis " to exploit .

Of course the currency markets will sell the dollar off , China will raise prices on goods coming to America and the average consumer will be HURT.

The YEN/US dollar is LOW traded at 90 Friday watch it go lower , and as it goes lower the price of OIL sky rockets .Can we blame CHENEY some how? How many in the media will point out that this STUPID strategy by OBAMA will raise GAS prices and create inflation ,and raise prices on EVERYTHING the American consumer buys ? Wouldnt we be better off to make the UNION another loan ( like the car bailout) that would be impossible for them to re pay ? .Just another nail in the post on the way to wrecking our economy and moving more NAIVE Americans to the role of " STATE DEPENDENT "

Good , HONEST Journalists should be questioning the TIMING of this policy.The UN is calling for a new GLOBAL currency and the G 20 summit is in mere days ................... Could Obama give them any more ammo to kill our sacred American dollar ?

Fascism plain and simple !!!


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