Monday, September 21, 2009


9-21-2009 10:50 AM EST

Who is Andrew Breitbart? Breitbart is a 40 year old conservative commentator for the Washington Post. Mr.Breitbart was once a researcher for Arianna Huffington, and helped her launch her website, The Huffington Post.

Breitbart is probably best known as his role as the editor of the Drudge Report. Breitbart also has the websites,, Big Hollywood, and Big Government.

Big government is the site that James O'Keefe launched the series of ACORN VIDEOS . Breitbart made sure all the transcripts and un edited videos were posted on the site . The carefully laid trap was launched and they Liberal Spin Doctors fought each other to take the bait. Every day the spin came out , and within a day or so another video was released and made it very obvious the collusion within the so called " main stream media"

Breitbart has dropped several hints that he has a BLOCKBUSTER story he will release some time this week . Many have speculated what it might be.
What are the obvious guesses?

Actual video of an Acorn employee going to to the next step and submitting a fraudlulent mortgage application ? Perhaps, but that would be just another nail in the ACORN VIDEOS, and I think there is much more to be released on ACORN .

Could it be evidence that Obama did in fact ask NY Governor Patterson to stand down? Doubtful as this was " leaked " to quite a few in DC and then spread like the "swine flu". No that was a calculated move , and was sent to the " usual messengers"

Concrete evidence that OBAMAis going to conspire to create a " global currency " at the G-20 summit? Again probably in the works but as corrupt as the U.N. is that would be no surprise at all.

Hard evidence that shows that the White House has a hidden agenda to sensationalize " RACE " somehow? Even the idiots in this administration would not be stupid enough to leave that kind of evidence laying around .

I could go on ,and on .

Here are a few guesses.

1) Breitbart has documents, emails,audio , or some kind of hard evidence that OBAMA or one of his " inner circle " colluded with the MEDIA to suppress coverage . Might be the VAN JONES story I dont know

2) Some one inside the FBI or the White House has supplied info about improper vetting of Obama appointees or perhaps WATERBOARDING and what action was taken to suppress and cover it up . Again, Van Jones comes to mind but it might be another CZAR .

3) This is the one I really like Obama and staff are linked to promising NEWSPAPER BAILOUTS for the media ignoring critical stories about the current administration
Whatever it might be I think it is of WATERGATE proportions

It should be a bombshell and I think the trail leads back to RAHM and his morning strategy calls with people outside the White House ( James Carville , George Stephanopoulos , etc ) .

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