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9-17-2009 11.50 AM EST
The " main stream media " seems to be able to ignore all the current events except Jimmy Carter's silly ramblings.

Andrea Mitchel chimed in on the matter on NBC.Andrea was kind enough to point to some vote totals from the 2008 Presidential Election ( % of white people who voted for Obama ) She then quoted a whopping 43% of Whites nation wide voted for Obama
Did she tell the % of white union members in these southern states? What about the Christian base ? The Pro life % ?

Here is how Obama got elected . Blacks voted for ANYONE other than a Conservative Republican. Conservative Whites voted for anyone other than a LIBERAL. Hispanics in South Florida and in Texas ( traditional republicans voters ) Voted for a DEMOCRAT.
Obama swayed the WHITES ( with the help of the UNIONS ) in PA and Ohio ...remember he only got 52% of the vote and many Conservatives didnt vote because they thought McCain was a poor choice .

Alabama ------------10%

I Wonder why Andrea did not tell us the % of white people who voted for GORE or Bill Clinton? ( here is a hint because its the same % )
If the black voters in the south always vote DEMOCRAT is that racism ?

Truth is that the Black population would have , and indeed did vote for ANYONE other than a Republican . The fact is Obama did not win on the Black Vote , he won on the INDEPENDENT VOTERS . If Andrea did her research and and showed us the Demographic of the INDEPENDENT VOTERS , would it come back as 33- 50 and white ?

Take a look at ALABAMA Obama won only a handfull of counties in ALABAMA.

Greene...holds the long distinction of being in the top 5 POOREST counties in the USA...always votes for a Democrat
Macon....most here believe they should fence the whole county in and call it a PRISON as welfare fraud is the best job in the county.

Jefferson county is the most populated county in Alabama, and home to Birmingham ( the largest city ) The mayor ( Larry Langford ) is under federal indictment for taking bribes from the SAME company that Bill Richardson is ( Bill gets a pass cause he is this racism ? Where is the MEDIA on BILL he was one of the FIRST to be disgraced and withdraw from a cabinet post is the hint they are to busy trying to blame ROVE for BILL"S problems) The previous Mayor of B'ham was Black and was also ran out of office on corruption charges.The Police chief is Black .

Montgomery is the 3rd Largest county in the state .Black Police chief.46 of the 47 murders there were committed byblack citizens . Are the guns and knives in Alabama all racists also ? No one there can remember the last time when a black shot a white or a white shot a black .Whites and Blacks get along, work, and live near one another and co exist . THEY VOTE DIFFERENT on Fundamentals !!!!!!

If you want to find racism in ALABAMA google ALVIN HOLMES

Look at Louisiana...Look at the governor Bobby Jindal.Does Bobby look white to you ? is Bobby Jindal the poster boy for a W.A.S.P ?

Plain and simple Carter will benefit and get a chance to redeem his POOR name if Obama can create more welfare .

Racism is not the reason People have turned against OBAMA, its his inexperience, his cabinet of questionable characters , his bumbling of EVERY policy decision he makes .

Look at Obama's cabinet... ..sure he has a few white guys running the financial segment and the war ,Hillary is a " Head of State , who is not allowed to make decisions or policy ................
The USA is easily 60% or more WHITE ....yet the whites are the minority in Obama's cabinet ?

Rasmussen poll shows the truth .
Among the unaffiliated, 35% are in favor of the Democrats’ health-care reform initiative, and 60% are opposed.
That's right the INDEPENDENT VOTERS are OPPOSED to OBAMACARE.The very people he campaigned so hard for ( and got him elected ) are now against him.Amazing what a few weeks to read the bill will accomplish.

Were these INDEPENDENT VOTERS "closet " racists in 2008 and some evil genius like RUSH or HANNITY or the FOX NEWS GUYS used a new mind control ray to lure them over to the KKK
Why does FOX beat all other NEWS networks ? Why does FOX's lowest rated Time slot garner more viewers than any other news program in any time slot ? Could it be the MAJORITY of people in this Country now see OBAMA as the radical he is ?

Why will Obama be on 5 networks this Sunday but not FOX?
Why will Obama not appear on FOX?
Why will GIBBS not go on FOX?Who in the Obama circle of FASCISTS will go on FOX ?
Is this the "TRANSPARENCY " the naive voters expected in return for their vote ?

Occam's razor folks Occam's razor

Now that REID can not introduce a Health Care bill on the SENATE and has publicly declared he CAN NOT vote for the bill himself, should he be called a RACE MONGER ?

WHY has OBAMA contacted the Massachusetts legislature and asked them to change the law and APPOINT a SENATOR , rather than let the people elect a SENATOR in a special election ?
the White House , REID , and PELOSI would you like to believe they can apss this bill with out any Republican votes, truth is the DEMS will not vote for it either

I have a simple test for seeing if racism or bias exists .simply invert the target , words or subject...........

Here are a few videos for you to experiment with technique for yourself

ASK your self if Hillary was right then or is she right now ?

Ask yourself if these race baiters heard the same words you did ? " You LIE "

The DEMS know they are losing the fight to bring SOCIALISM to AMERICANS so now they use a new play out of the old tired play book


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