Tuesday, September 22, 2009


9-22-09 11.55 AM EST

ACORN Board Chairwoman Maude Hurd announced Tuesday that Former Massachusetts Attorney General Scott Harshbarger will lead the internal investigation into ACORN's activities.

ACORN'S chief organizer,Bertha Lewis announced on the " FOX NEWS SUNDAY " television program ( 9-20-2009) this would be announced on Monday .In all fairness to MS.Lewis she didnt specify WHICH Monday ...so ACORN ,may in fact be 6 days early!!

Bertha Lewis was asked point blank if she would open ACORN'S books open for review .
Her reply ? Some mumbling about staying busy doing her day to day activities and preventing children from eating paint .I think we can take that as " Only if they get a search warrant "

Who is Scott Harshbarger? Scott Harshbarger was Massachusetts attorney general in the 1990s, and served under former Gov. Mitt Romney before being recruited in 1998 to run for governor, an election he lost to Republican Paul Cellucci. He then became head of the government watchdog group Common Cause, where he pushed for tougher campaign finance laws.

Harshbarger currently is an attorney in Boston with the law firm Proskauer Rose LLP, where his specialties include corporate governance and corporate defense and investigations.

Harshbarger, a Democrat, told the local media in recent weeks that he would be willing to fill the late Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat if an interim appointment was made.

Hmmm that sound unbiased and independent enough for me .

ACORN has proudly proclaimed at the top of their lungs their COMPLETE INNOCENCE in this matter .Shouldnt they challenge some one like a Republican career prosecutor , perhaps like oh I dont know ...JEFF SESSIONS? Not to worry Mr.Sessions represents the people from Alabama and he will do his best to start a real investigation into the matter .

So ACORN is going to put a guy that aspires to have the Massachusetts law ( one that he watched get changed under his watch as AG } changed so the Governor can appoint a TEMPORARY SENATOR to replace " THE SWIMMER" ? MR. Harshbarger has graciously volunteered to take the appointment himself .Shouldnt MR. Harshbarger,as a former elected public servant of Massachusetts, be leading the cause to make sure this law IS NOT OVERTURNED? A special election would let the residents of Massachusetts decide who would represent them in the U.S Senate? The very reason the law was changed before was that ROMNEY was Governor , and the "powers to be " didnt want an appointment based along political ideology.

MR. Harshbarger is perpetuating the height of hypocracy!!!

I am sure we can all expect a fair , unbiased , and impartial report by MR. Harshbarger

I am off to search the web to determine if MR. Harshbarger is a lisenced REAL ESTATE AGENT in the state of Arizona. Arizona seems nice , and I have always dreamed of retiring there in a BEACHFRONT COTTAGE

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