Tuesday, September 22, 2009


9-22-2009 3.40 PM EST

Earlier today Plaxico Burress received 2 years in prison for his shooting himself in the thigh in a Manhattan night club .

Plaxico had a CCW permit in the state of Florida.Florida is widely acknowledged as the most thorough CCW permit process in the USA .This means Plaxico went through the proper process to carry a gun in Florida ,and passed the background check

Plaxico made a soft spoken apology before his sentence was handed down.

With time off for good behavior, Burress likely will serve 20 months. He could be released from prison as early as the spring of 2011 and will be monitored an additional two years after he is freed.

Burress hired a consultant to teach him how to use his time in prison productively.

Maybe this guy is truly sorry and will emerge unscathed from his vacation in the prison system .

Some may say the sentence is harsh, had the gun not discharged ( its a mystery to me how he dropped the weapon and it fired ..could it have been a SA colt .45 ACP?) it may well have been a different story .In most states ,even with a CCW permit guns are not allowed in nightclubs. Plaxico made serious error in judgment and it will cost him MILLIONS and he will carry the tag of " EX CON " for a long time .

Call me silly but I think maybe this guy truly regrets his actions and is remorseful.Plexico leaves a wife and a young son on the outside while he does time .I think it will be interesting to see how well he follows the " consultants " advice and what he does constructive with his 20 months .

Plexico has a real chance to emerge from prison and make a sincere, POSITIVE impact on some young minds .
Let's be optimistic and reserve our final opinion until Plaxico is released and has had time to fall back into his old habits or prove through his own actions if he has learned the errors of his ways .

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