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9-12-09 10.55 AM EST

The media applauded OBAMA repeatedly for his use of modern technology to unite his supporters in the 2008 Presidential campaign .Now we are witness to the IRONY of how this same technology is punching holes in his administration , and revealing the evidence of his mis representation of his whole career and life .

Patricia Jessamy is the person in Maryland advancing rhetoric about the possible prosecution of James O'keefe for his role in filming the conspiracy of ACORN employees to perpetrate multiple felonies .

Jessamy made personal contributions to Obama, and also worked on the Maryland For Obama Steering Committee.

Who exactly is she ?

Jessamy, a Democrat, was appointed to the State’s Prosecutor position in 1995 and has since been re-elected to the job three times. Among the items listed on Jessamy’s extensive resume of accomplishments is that she is president of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. She also lists her prior membership on the Governor’s Council on Child Abuse and Neglect from 1995 to 1998!

Let’s be clear about what is happening here: O’Keefe and Giles dressed up as a pimp and prostitute and walked into the Baltimore ACORN office seeking “tax advice” for a brothel that would include the use of 13-year-old sex slaves from San Salvador. Two ACORN advisors happily provided all kinds of advice about how to deceive federal and state tax authorities about the true nature of the “business,” and how to insure that the prostitutes “keep their mouths shut.”

In other words, two ACORN employees appear to have voluntarily become accessories to multiple federal, state and local crimes, including child abuse, interstate transportation for purposes of prostitution, tax evasion, and immigration law violations. The two ACORN employees may also have thus provided hard evidence that their employer should be prosecuted as a criminal enterprise under the RICO statutes.

And the Baltimore City State’s Attorney may prosecute the two people responsible for exposing this heinous operation!

As president of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center, shouldn't Jessamy be concerned that ACORN and its employees are encouraging child abuse , and slavery ?

Who will ask these questions of Jessamy? How could two unknown citizens uncover this and document it , and she being a state prosecutor and an advocate against child abuse not be aware of these crimes in her very own city ? Has she conducted investigations in the past that failed to produce results? Has she defeated past efforts to investigate these matters?

How can Jessamy be making statements about prosecuting these two individuals who exposed the HORRIBLE motives of the ACORN employees, BEFORE making a statement of which LAWS were violated by the ACORN criminals?

Jessamy has failed to prosecute the local TV station WMAR for similar " undercover videos"

Perhaps JESSAMY should be announcing she is recusing herself from the matter for the obvious conflicts of interest?

Expect the OBAMA controlled MEDIA to shift into over drive and work long hours to dig something up on Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe and try to discredit them and detract from the tremendous job they did of exposing this corrupt organization.

When will the feminist groups slander James O’Keefe , and say he " demeaned " Hannah Giles for allowing her to play the role of a prostitute ?
How about ERIC HOLDER ? Where are his " jack booted thugs" , and why are that not uncovering evidence like this ?

It must come all back to Occam's razor..simply put this is a VERY CORRUPT administration that used illegal means to gain power and will do its best to squelch any and all ties that point back to them .

Where are the people that are looking out for women and children? why are they not demanding investigations , senate hearings , and immediate action ?


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