Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5-18-2010 10:15 AM EST

Predictably the pandering from the liberals faction in America over the Arizona law that will help run the TRESPASSERS out of the state has been vocal and silly .

I expect most of the BOYCOTTS being talked about by various idiots in California will not have the desired results the anti American crowd is striving to achieve .

Will we find out that Mayors or City Managers legally can't enact the boycotts they are drooling over while they pander for minority votes ?

Lawsuits will emerge and challenge the boycotts .

None of that really matters .
The financial impact is estimated to be between 7 and 52 Million Dollars .

2 Million Arizona residents visit San Diego each year . If only 1 million boycott San Diego ,then that single action would erase all the " contracts " California is threatening to dissolve.

Could 2 people visit San Diego for the weekend and NOT spend at least 100 bucks a day ?
Probably a room for 2 nights and 2 meals per day alone would be close to $350 dollars .
How will the politicians explain to the good people of San Diego that their foolish rhetoric created a $350 Million dollar vacuum ?

New estimates are out that illustrate the cost of illegal immigration to Arizona.

1) $1.6 BILLION in Education costs
2) $694 MILLION in health care costs
3) $339 MILLION in Law Enforcement and court costs
4) $85 MILLION in Welfare costs
5) $155 Million in other general costs

WOW call your state officials and ask them if they could use an infusion of funds that mirror these numbers !

Can you imagine what would happen if the public school system got a shot in the arm like that ?

Here is the funny part :
All the silliness being propagated in California is PURE HYPOCRISY !!!!
What about proposition 187 ?
When will the boycott backfire in California and lawsuits be filed for lawmakers ignoring California law ?

The clincher must be that BOTH Eric Holder and Napolitano admit they have NOT read the Arizona law !!!

So , if our Government is denouncing actions and laws created by their opposition without reading the material , how is this different than a DICTATORSHIP that controls the news and the media ?

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