Friday, May 21, 2010


5-21-2010 9:00 AM EST

Options expire today Friday May 21, 2010.
Expect to see at least a 2.5% sell off today as traders try to salvage the long positions before the options contracts expire at the closing bell today .

George Soros has placed HUGE bets that the EURO will decline .
Soros will get filthy rich if the EURO trades at a 1 to 1 ratio to the American Dollar by the end of December 2010.

The program trades should kick in about 10:15 AM EST today .
Look for a wild ride , up and down in a high volume,volatile session .

The economy is still very weak and MOST of the bad mortgages are still being held .

If you haven't closed your positions in the stock market yet , then at 10:00 AM today would be a good time to get out .
I believe the market is headed back to test DOW 8300 , and will probably go lower than that .

Much of the speculative money has been poured into the technology sector, and now the speculators want out .
Google and Bidu should see huge drops today .
Google was about to break the $600.00 mark just 30 days ago , and it closed at $475 yesterday .
What happened to Google?
Speculators and hi speed computer trading are controlling the markets .
Oil prices continue to decline .
OPEC wants $75.00 a barrel oil or higher .
How long before they cut production to boost the price ?
$50.00 oil is coming in the next 60 days .
Financial stocks will see the selling onslaught also.
Wal Mart has a less than rosy outlook.
What does Wal Mart's weakness say about our " recovering economy "?

Obama promised Hope N Change , its coming as the stocks will be worth only CHANGE .

Where are the White House economic guru's that declared we were on the road to recovery ?
What will these bumbling idiots have to say after today's 300 point drop of the DOW ?

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