Tuesday, May 18, 2010


5-18-2010 10:30 AM EST

Today many states will send voters to the polls to vote in primary elections .
The results will be predictably ugly for incumbents , Democrats , Obama sympathizers , and all elected officials who betrayed everyday Americans and voted for the Socialist mumbo-jumbo of Pelosi , Reid, and Obama.

How will the liberal biased media spin this ?

They WILL NOT say it's a referendum on Obama.
Will they say the vote was an anti-Democratic movement ?

Blanche will be sweating bullets in Arkansas as well as " I can change to any party to keep my corrupt fingers in D.C " SPECTOR in PA .
How will Rand Paul fare in Kentucky ?
If Paul wins how will the media ignore the TEA party ?
I " betcha " Sarah Palin can explain it Wednesday for idiots like Andrea Mitchel , Chuck Todd, and the talking heads in the White House .

Why has Obama not campaigned for any candidates?
Why will Obama not take questions or hold Press conferences ?
Where is the Media and why are they not comparing Obama to Dan Quayle ?
Why do Obama cabinet officials REFUSE to attend the Senate hearing of Joe Lieberman to investigate the Gulf oil spill ?

Does Anyone else see the eerie similarities between the isolation of the President , the harsh rhetoric form Napolitano and Holder ( never mind they haven't read they AZ law they are denouncing , we wouldn't want to cloud the issue with facts and information would we ?) and the regime of MAO, CASTRO, or HUGO ?

I guess all this is quite the norm as Obama prepares his Ascension to " WORLD PRESIDENT " as head of the United Nations .

Wouldnt we ALL be better off if Woody Allen is right ? We could appoint Obama
" WORLD DICTATOR " and then every one would live in the exact same house and have the same bank account and NEVER have to work another day in their life ...........oops where would all that money come from if no one worked ?

The writing will be on the wall come Wednesday morning . The American people have had enough " HOPE N CHANGE " and now we want responsible spending and common sense in
Funny how this happens about every 30 years, we get a foolish Democrat promising the moon and stars and then a year later we wake up and realize that taxes are going to go through the roof and we need to get the idiot out of office ASAP ...........

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