Wednesday, May 19, 2010


5-19-2010 10:50 AM EST

Los Angeles Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa should look in the mirror .
The mayor would see the dim twinkle in his eye , that would be his career light flickering just before it goes out .

I firmly believe that the boycott of Arizona will hurt California more than it will harm the state of Arizona

Gary Pierce , an ELECTED representative on the Arizona Corporation Commission , was kind enough to send the good mayor of Los Angeles a letter .


Mr. Pierce is so kind as to point out that Los Angeles receives 25% of its power from power plants in ARIZONA ................

Maybe it is time to renegotiate that contract ? Better yet why not just cancel it all together ?

Mr. Pierce is elected by the citizens of Arizona , who overwhelmingly support SB 1070

I do not think that any contracts entered into by entities in California can just be torn up with out serious consequences in a court .

HMMMMMM After the mayor explains to the residents of San Diego how he killed their tourism trade , he can explain why a good portion of L.A. is without electrical power .
How ironic would it be if illegal immigrants in L.A. would have to endure the sweltering heat without air conditioning, lights , or any other modern convenience powered by electricity ?

I think some one should start a " SAVE THE BORDER FUND ".
Patriotic Americans could contribute $1 dollar to Arizona to offset any financial shortage it may encounter trying to make our country safer !!!

Meanwhile no one in the White House has taken the 30 minutes required to read the Arizona law .
Maybe they are busy making sure that " guest chef " Rick Bayless is having his twitter account censored !!!!

How long before we see a " boycott California movement "?

Sarah Palin is looking into ways to send a girls basketball team to Arizona , imagine the ripple that would have and the how liberal biased media would scramble to spin and cover the incident up .

The borders should be secured .
Congress has reviewed reports that show that people from terrorist sponsoring middle east countries are entering illegally through Mexico .These people are the radical fundamentalists who wish our country harm and would murder Americans.

On second thought , let's just let the drugs and violence pour over the border unchecked . Invite a group of terrorists to blend in and accompany them so they can plot and execute plans to launch attacks unleashing biological or nuclear weapons .
The ever increasing attempts to blow up bridges, buildings, and planes is getting a tad boring .

It will get worse before it gets better .
L.A. , Atlanta , Houston , and other major cities with large populations of illegal immigrants will likely be sites of violence and vandalism.

Democrats are afraid of this issue and with the results from Tuesday's primary this could very well be a final nail that ensures many of them are ousted in the November elections .

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