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5-24-2010 10:30 AM EST

Suddenly the internet ( you really didn't expect NBC or Olberman to be reporting this did you ?) is buzzing about questions pertaining to Obama's Social Security number .

Investigative types now have tried to search his Selective Service records .

Although requests were granted as far back as 2008, suddenly the Selective Service can no longer provide the records .

Debbie Schlussel reported on this topic back on November 13, 2008

Debbie and retired I.C.E. agent Stephen Coffman , used the Freedom of Information Act , and were surprised to learn the answer they received raised even more questions !

The article is posted at

Read Debbie's article here

Obama promised TRANSPARENCY , shouldn't he begin with the various school and financial records he is spending MILLIONS of dollars to keep hidden from the American people ?

Debbie's investigation brought up many errors and questions .
Among the items are :

"On the previous FOIA response, they stated that it was filed on September 4, 1980. In my second request I mentioned that Obama could not have filed it in Hawaii on September 4, 1980 as he was attending Occidental College in California, the classes of which commenced August 24, 1980."

* Document Location Number Indicates Obama Selective Service Form was Created in 2008.
* The DLN number in upper right corner (labeled “A“) has only ten (10) digits with the first two being 08 , but the DLN number shown on the computer screen printout has eleven (11) digits with the first two being 80.
* Obama’s Selective Service Registration Form is Apparently 1990 Form Altered to Appear Like 1980 Form.
* In February 1980, the Selective Service agency withdrew a “Request for a new OMB control number” for SSS Form 1 –meaning the agency canceled its previous request for a new form, and one was never issued in “FEB 1980″.
* Barack Obama’s Signature is Dated After Postal Stamp Certifying His Signature.
* Postal Stamp is Incorrect, Discontinued in 1970.
* Form Shows Barack Obama didn’t have ID !
* Other Questions: Missing Selective Service Number, FOIA Response Dated Prior to FOIA Request, Missing Printout Page

Read WND story of Obama draft registration cover up

World Net Daily also has some interesting screen shots of attempts to discourage the search at the Selective Service site , and of course GOOGLE is providing a " warning that info related to the search might be harmful to your computer" ( again ).

We have now witnessed the State of Hawaii enact a law that PREVENTS anyone from requesting Obama's birth records .
Will we see same official rule change by the Selective Service to nullify requests for his draft registration records ?

Can anyone really question why Obama refuses to hold press conferences where questions can be posed ?

Maybe Obama should just instruct GIBBS to say " eat cake "

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