Monday, May 24, 2010


5-24-2010 11:15 EST

Obama will fail miserably in dealing with the North Koreans .
We can expect the spineless apologizer to offer a bit of rhetoric but not much more .
Obama has failed on the floods in Iowa and Nashville.
He and his inept administration are missing in action on the Gulf oil spill .

Governor Bobby Jindal has decided 34 days is long enough, and he and his state will take action on their own because Obama has failed to utilize the power of the Federal Government to help out his state .

This seems to be becoming a standard story line doesnt it ?

Arizona Governor Jan Bailey came to this realization long ago, and now has to use her campaign funds to CORRECT the LIES Obama and his corrupt administration are spreading about S.B.1070 .

Obama should send a message to the North Koreans .
A swift and strong message .

Alas, we are talking about an idiot who took days to decide we should position snipers and shoot the Somalian pirates that were holding American citizens hostage .

Obama should authorize the U.S. Navy to dispatch ships , lots of ships to the region .
Obama should let the North Koreans know if there are any more incidents then we will " shoot first and ask questions later "
The North Koreans are well known for bragging , boasting and making threats .
It's high time we called their bluffs and tell them " NO MORE "

Obama should position the ships for a future blockade WHILE we wait for the U.N. to twiddle it's thumbs and make a decision .
Hillary should be reaching out to OPEC and working a deal to limit the oil that North Korea can purchase .

Obama still has egg on his face from where the North Korean's told him they would test missiles and he should cower, run, and hide or ELSE !

A GOOD President would have Destroyers and Missile Frigates positioned within range of North Korea and say " Your Move Kim Jong " .

The Euro slides, Obama continues to pander and apologize , and all the while we are rapidly becoming a nation that NO ONE fears , not even the rag tag Somalia pirates
Well the one good note is that Obama will soon be appointed by the U.N. as the " Global Dictator "and we can get him out of America !


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