Thursday, May 27, 2010


5-27-2010 10:45 AM EST

Obama will give his first press conference since he last had one over 300 days ago .
How could this be ? How in the " MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION EVER " , could the President ( and I use the term lightly , very lightly ) go 309 days without taking question from reporters or citizens ?
Is the Government on AUTO PILOT ?

What can we expect ?
Will it REALLY be a press conference or just a planned display of talking heads like Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell and few other " government press agents " asking questions that were provided to them by the White House ?

Will Obama make a disclaimer and announce he is only going to answer questions relating to the Gulf oil spill ?

The American People want THESE questions asked and answered , and not some " gee we covered that 3 weeks ago" when we said " I can't speak to that "

1) When will a special prosecutor be appointed in investigate not only the SESTAK allegations but the Romanoff allegations as well ?

2) Why has the White House issued a " TERROR WATCH " for the Texas / Mexico border , concerned that a Somali man named Mohamed Ali ( a known terrorist ) is attempting to enter the country through Texas , BUT we can't send troops to Texas to capture him?

3) Why has the White House had information that THOUSANDS of citizens from known terrorist countries like YEMEN are being caught sneaking across the Mexican border , yet the White House has buried this info and taken no action?

4) What are Obama and the IDIOTS running the treasury going to do to counter act the US money supply declining ( M3 ) at a rate not seen since the depression of 1930 ?

5) Why will the White House not respond to the allegations Obama is using a CT based Social Security number from a person that has been dead for over 100 years ?

6) Why will the White House not talk about questions of Obama's Selective Service registration ?

7) Has ANYONE in the White House actually read Arizona SB 1070 ? Why were comments and opinions put forth HOURS after Arizona governor signed the bill into law if the 16 page law had not been read by White House cabinet members who made the comments ?

8) What role is White House Chief Counsel playing in the SESTAK investigation ? IS or was there EVER an investigation or was it simply just a white wash and covered up ?

9) What about allegations that many CENSUS workers have been hired , trained and then fired , only to be re hired ( and re counted as job created ) 3 more times and trained each time ?

10) Is Obama concerned that the EURO is near a 4 year low against the US Dollar and the YEN is at 90 , and what is going to be done to prevent a REAL crash of the economy ?

11) why is Obama not giving at least MONTHLY press conferences ? what is he trying to avoid or Hide ?

12) Why Does Obama have time to go to a $17,000.00 per plate fund raiser at the GETTY mansion then demonize BP , BUT HAS NO TIME TO VISIT THE GULF OIL SPILL? Is this not a text book example of a HYPOCRITE?

Alas I expect we will see Obama take COMPLETE credit for the " top kill " method that stopped the gulf oil leak ( let's not confuse the matter with the fact BP has been waiting for a permit from the EPA before they could perform that maneuver )

Obama will bore us with his new plan to ban all offshore drilling , and thus ensure we are on the path to $ 8 dollar a gallon gasoline like Europe .

Will the White House issue a press release after 5 Friday stating that Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina, has resigned after admitting he offered jobs to SESTAK and Romanoff ?
Some one has to fall on the sword , and it can't be RAHM because he is to closely tied to Obama , and the string of " pay for play " allegations that surround Obama and corrupt Chicago politicians

Well on second thought maybe not having to see Obama apologize for our country but once every 300 days might not be so bad after all .

Obama is FORCED to appear because now the MEDIA and fellow Democrats are criticizing him .
I dont think a few twitches of his big ears and a few corny jokes is going to get him out of this .
Obama will try the same move Tiger Woods did , it will fail , and he will slink back into the cesspool of corruption he has create at the White House and avoid the AMERICAN PUBLIC

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