Wednesday, April 28, 2010


4-28-2010 10:30 AM EST

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona has signed Senate Bill 1070 into law .
Predictably opponents have declared it racist, unconstitutional and some have gone as far as to make comparisons of NAZISM to the state of Arizona.

Obama and the Federal Government have failed the American people .
Bush pandered to the Hispanic vote , yet he did authorize a WALL to be built to help protect our border .

Supreme Idiot in command of Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano put a halt to the wall and securing our border .
Now Napolitano says she will fly DRONES over the border ?

Funny timing huh?

Napolitano failed to secure the Arizona border when she was Governor of the state , now the current Governor signs the bill into law and mere days later Napolitano leaps into action?

Perhaps as secretary of Homeland Security she wasn't aware of the drug and human smuggling and the violence that accompanies the smuggling is rampant on the Arizona border ?

Which is it ? Is Napolitano INEPT or merely DISINGENIOUS?

Is the use of MILITARY hardware legal to use to help secure the border ?
Rest assured several groups of LIBERALS will challenge the use of drones .
Will Napolitano declare she had a plan but the REPUBLICANS would not allow her to use the drones ?

Many people seem to have an opinion of the Arizona law .


Here is a FACT SHEET for Senate bill 1070

The law is well written and will result in illegal aliens to FLEE ARIZONA .
This is a good thing as the lawbreakers flow into other states,and these states will be forced to write their own laws .

Here are some key points of the law.

A) No law shall be made in the state of Arizona that restricts the enforcement of FEDERAL immigration to the FULL EXTENT .
Simply put this allows Arizona to enforce the laws that the Federal Government refuses to enforce .

B )Allows ANY person to bring action to a SUPERIOR court in AZ for any person or entity within Arizona that tries to circumvent the law .
Provides that ALL court costs and lawyer fees will be repaid for the person who files the action .
Exempts the individual law enforcement official from incurring costs UNLESS he acted in bad faith.
C) Defines what trespassing in Arizona and links it to the appropriate FEDERAL statue .
D) Makes it a FELONY to cross the Arizona border with illegal drugs , chemicals to make meth , dangerous weapons AND materials to perpetuate acts of TERRORISM .
E) Makes it a FELONY if you violate the law a SECOND time, or if the person was deported from the US in the previous 6 months.
F) DEFINES human smuggling.
G) AMENDS Arizona title 13 section 29 to make it illegal to stop a vehicle for the purpose of soliciting an illegal for work or transporting an illegal for the purpose of work
H) Defines as illegal the act of APPLYING for work if you are in this country illegally .
I) Defines what HARBORING an illegal alien is in the state of Arizona .
J) AMENDS section 23-212 to make it a crime to HIRE an illegal alien.

The new law also goes into detail to define how the offender will be incarcerated and upon release how he will be turned over to FEDERAL officials .

The bill is written to withstand legal challenges , it builds upon existing Arizona and Federal laws.

The bill is VERY SPECIFIC that Law Enforcement can not simply "ask for your papers "

Why should the US have an immigration law that is not as good as the surrounding countries on our border ?

Will the OBAMA regime actually deport the illegals once they are handed over ?

The TORT reform clause is GREAT !

The MAIN reason for Government is to PROTECT it's citizens and it's BORDERS .
It's past time for our Government to fulfill this obligation

Arizona is leading the march for 10th amendment rights .
Arizona has also passed a law exempting Arizona from the control of the B.A.T.F for firearms that are manufactured in Arizona and remain in Arizona .

Will Obama mobilize the National Guard and try and stop this law ?

Arizona may have very well indeed lit the fuse to ignite MARTIAL LAW in this country.

UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES usually exist in all actions, and the stage has been set for other Americans and States to follow Arizona's lead .

Illegal Aliens in Arizona will FLEE the state in droves .
Arizona protects its citizens and the problem leaves their borders .
The feeble attempts of BOYCOTTS will backfire .
Major Corporations will NOT be willing to endure the BACKLASH from consumers if they denounce the Arizona law !