Wednesday, June 2, 2010


6-2-2010 10:30 AM EST

The explanation of what transpired between SESTAK and Bill Clinton doesn't quite add up .

Why , If nothing " funny was going on" , would the White House enlist Bill Clinton to deliver the message ?
Why not RAHM ?

Why would they offer SESTAK an UNPAID position on an board that prohibited him being a congressman and serving on the board at the same time ?

So now we are supposed to believe they expected him abandon his campaign , leave his congressional seat , AND then take a non paying job ?

HMMM yeah where can I sign up for that program ?

Look at who is involved :
Robert Bauer , the lawyer OBAMA paid almost 3 million dollars to bury the numerous lawsuits about his birth and school records .

Rahm , who is absent from all of this ( no chance of that )

Bill Clinton , KING of the LIARS .
So who are we going to believe a 3 star Admiral or Bill ( I didn't inhale , and oh yeah she has produced a blue dress , well on second thought I might have been fooling around in the oval office after all ) Clinton ? .

Now Robert Gibbs has CHANGED the story that was just released on Friday ( conveniently timed to coincide with the Memorial Day weekend ) .

Sestak and the Obama administration both said the congressman would have kept his seat in the House if he took a spot on the PIAB. But the PIAB is comprised of individuals who are " outside the government "

Gibbs confirmed Tuesday that Sestak could not have served on the PIAB.

So now the story is that OBAMA asked Bill to talk to congressman SESTAK and offer him a position that did not pay a salary , therefore no laws were broken , yet today
Gibbs said that in fact SESTAK would have not been eligible to serve on the board .

So there you have it , Bill Clinton offered a congressman a job that didnt pay anything , that he was ineligible to accept, and it took almost a year to EXPLAIN this brief ( less than 60 second conversation ) because " nothing really happened " .

What will the story be Friday ?

Good news is that Obama is " fiddling " around with an OIL spill that he " IS ALL ON TOP OF " , yet has no idea how to solve .
Add the economy, jobs, the issue with ISRAEL , and he looks like a deer in the headlights