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6-15-2009 11:55 AM EST

Alvin Greene won the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in South Carolina, and suddenly the wrath of the Democratic party to get him thrown off the ballot is exploding more and more each day .

Greene won 60% of the vote so a re count will not work for the Dem's

The conspiracy reaches all the way up to the White House, as David Axelrod has expressed his dismay in the results.

State Rep. Todd Rutherford told Fox News that he went to Greene's house to discuss with him how Greene succeeded last week in becoming the candidate to challenge Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in the November election, but he found it difficult to decipher an answer.

"About two questions into a conversation with him, it would become apparent that he is not probably fit to answer the questions befitting a Senate candidate," said Rutherford, a Democrat. "If he was put into this, then it is a joke that is funny to all the rest of us, but he doesn't get it -- because I don't know that his mental status is such that he can get it."

WOW !!! Does this mean that MAXINE WATERS would immediately be removed from her position representing the 35th district of California in the House of Representatives??

On Friday South Carolina authorities launched a formal investigation into Greene's unlikely win.

South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, the House majority whip, said he could reach no conclusion except that Greene is a PLANT .
Well shouldn't we know by now by Greene's bank records where the money for the qualifying fee( $10,400) came from ?
Would it be shocking to find out Greene is telling the truth and has been saving $ 40 .00 dollars a week for years ?

Senior White House Adviser David Axelrod said he also is trying to find an explanation for the improbable victory.

"The whole thing is odd. I don't really know how to explain it and I don't think anybody else does either," Axelrod said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Axelrod said he thinks the people of South Carolina deserve the best nominee on the ballot, although he supposes Greene would argue that since he won the election, he is the best candidate.

"How he won the primary is a big mystery though, and until you resolve that I don't think he can claim to be a strong, credible candidate," he said.

So what does that mean? Axlerod doesn't think this simple man can be bribed and controlled in the scheme of the Obama administration and he wants him taken off the ballot ?

Vic Rawl is the defeated incumbent and has filed a challenge of Greene's victory .

Rawl seems to think since he ( Rawl ) won 84 % of the absentee vote in one county that he should have won the entire election . NEWSFLASH the absentee votes are usually where the voter fraud is most prevalent .

Others have suggested that the voting machines malfunctioned . REALLY ? every machine in the state ?
Does this mean Nikki Haley will be kicked off the ballot as well ?
Did the machine malfunction state wide for JUST this one candidate ?

Is it so hard to believe that the people of South Carolina voted for a military veteran with no political experience rather than a corrupt career politician ?
If that's the case should OBAMA be worried about being recalled ?

Questions which need to be answered .
* Does S.C. law allow Republicans to vote for democratic candidates in the primary ?
If it does and TONS of Republicans voted for Greene , it should still stand
HOLD THAT THOUGHT as the new law in California is going to be a real nightmare !!!
* Was the Money in Greene's account for a long period of time as he claims ?
* Does S.C. law forbid others from giving Greene money to run ?
* Why is the Senior advisor to the President voicing his opinion in a matter that he has no business being involved in ?
* In America could LEGAL voters actually go to the polls and elect a candidate and then the government interfere and remove the candidate because he is not the " smartest guy in the world " ?
* What provisions are in S.C. or U.S. law pertaining to candidates or elected Senators that are accused or convicted of what ever crime Greene is accused of committing ?

Obama wants to dictate to BP about how and when it will pay dividends , and now Axlerod wants to decide to second guess the voters of S.C and remove their elected nominee.

Will we be able to vote in November or will Martial law and " National security concerns " arise and postpone voting ?

Is this a dangerous precedent in which people who do not speak clearly ( beware Barney Frank ) or people who are not really smart enough to cross the street ( Maxine Waters comes to mind ) or if you are a black man and have not secretly committed to the Socialist grab of American rights you are not allowed to be elected to Congress ?

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