Monday, June 7, 2010

White House fakes an apology for Helen Thomas

The White House decided today it would scold Helen Thomas .

During Monday's White House Press Briefing, Robert Gibbs was asked to react to Helen Thomas' controversial remarks on the Middle East:

"Those remarks are offensive and reprehensible."

He added that she has apologized and should have.

"Those remarks certainly don’t reflect the opinion of folks here or the administration.

WOW !! that's all ? And it only took a few days to announce it ?
The White House can slip the name of a Supreme Court nominee over the weekend but blatant RACIST comments get a pass ?

Thomas is the POSTER child for liberalism , and has a front row seat in the White House Press briefings .
Many think that Obama is waiting for Hearst to fire Thomas , so Obama will not have to revoke her White House Credentials .

Only in the Post Modern America could Rush Limbaugh be denied the opportunity to invest his personal money to buy a NFL franchise , yet Helen Thomas , the self proclaimed " biggest Liberal in the world " can get away with probably the most blatant act of racism since George Wallace Stood at the doors of the University of Alabama to block a black student from entering the school.

Should any one have any doubt what will happen when Iran follows through on the promise to escort ships to Gaza ?
Israel killed several armed scuba divers , and no doubt they will be proved to be part of the elite Republican Guard from Iran .

Hillary warned us , but the naive " Hope N Changers " refused to listen.
The News media was complicit in its non reporting and vetting of FACTS about Obama .
Europe is in shambles as the UK begins rationing health care , and Germany is enacting welfare cuts .
Time has run out for Socialism , and it can only mean war is about to emerge .

Will Obama use " Executive Privilege " to shield Jarrett and Rahm from testifying ?
Of course he will no good Socialist would let the facts confuse the issues

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