Friday, June 11, 2010


6-11-2010 12:10 PM EST

Your really can't make stuff like this up .

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) was struck in the hand by one of the two male mohair goats today at a press conference.

It wasn't immediately clear which goat -- Lancelot or Arthur -- was the culprit. But we do know that Weiner ended up with a cut on his right hand after the goat-related mishap and that blood was drawn.

Can you imagine the fun the late night comics will have with this ?

* The Representative from New York's 9th congressional district is a 45 year old single man.
* His surname is WIENER .

Questions that need to be answered :

** What is a single , 45 year old white man doing with two goats ? Do they live with him ? Or does he just know " the right people to talk to " , if you find yourself suddenly in need of a couple of Goats ?

** Have the Goats been testing for STD's ?

** Is it legal for goats to live with a man in D.C.? How about in New York ?

** What is Wiener's position on NAMBLA?

** Will the good folks at PETA investigate to make sure the Goat was not abused or mistreated either before or after the incident ?

** Should Mr. Wiener had some kind of permits to have the goats at a press conference ?

** Were the goats subject to the usual rules and guidelines that the Hollywood lefties impose on animals in movies?

** Did Wiener run a disclaimer that " no animal was hurt during the filming of this press conference " ?

Take a good look at Wiener and notice how he has the goat grasped by it's horn and ask yourself , Does it look like he has handled this goat before ?
And if so , Where , When , and under what circumstances did the interaction occur ?

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