Tuesday, June 8, 2010


6-8-2010 9:20 AM EST

NBC was kind enough to air an interview between Matt Lauer and the CLOWN that now calls the White House home .
The " Today Show " aired the segment , which was just another White House contrived propaganda ( it was not even a cleverly disguised piece) segment on Tuesday .

Lauer asked Obama why he hasn't spoke to BP CEO Tony Hayward.
Obama told Matt that when you talk to people like a CEO they are only going to " tell you what you want to hear "

HMMM interesting revelation .

Following Obama's train of thought , shouldn't one ask why we pulled the Goldman Sach's executives into a congressional hearing?

Should we be surprised Obama isn't talking to his peers in foreign governments ?

Why did Obama campaign on the concept of he would open talks with terrorist nations like Iran and Syria ?
Surely rogue nations who are involved in financing and training individuals to kill innocent American's wouldn't just promise anything in order to keep us from imposing sanctions would they ?

Does Obama's attitude explain why our long standing allies like England and Israel are shunned by this corrupt administration , while Obama hugs dictators and bows to kings ?

Obama has a new buzz phrase " BP will pay for everything , and I will make sure of that ".

This is an OUTRIGHT LIE .

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990, caps BP's liability to fishermen, property owners and other individuals and businesses at only $75 million for all claims.

So which is it ?
Is OBAMA " all on this since day 1 ", yet amazingly ignorant of the law ?
Is OBAMA in his infinite wisdom just going to change the law at his personal whim ?
Perhaps OBAMA is just telling yet another LIE and repeating it often enough that he expects people to believe it ?

Obama keeps bring up the point of BP paying dividends before the cleanup is complete.

Is he such a MORON that he doesn't realize that :
A He LEGALY can not stop this .
B It would kill the price of the BP stock and cost FAR MORE than paying the dividends
C This is the definition of MARXISM .
D The flight of corporations to move to BERMUDA or another friendly country would crash the WORLD markets in mere HOURS .

Perhaps Obama spoke with SOROS and found out SOROS is shorting BP , like he is the EURO and Obama is helping him STEAL BILLIONS from the world .

Elitism is based on a few people stealing money from the masses then making it impossible for anyone else to get wealthy .

The truth is that the media has criticized Obama for not taking charge , and now AXELHACK has rolled out this new plan to keep the American people in the dark .

Bill O'Reilly Criticized BP monday night for launching a $50 million dollar PR campaign to hopefully keep BP's image from being tarnished .

HMMM everyone is worried about BP being in business to pay for all the damages .
Is Bill to stupid to realize that with 3.13 BILLION shares of stock , BP loses 60 million for each 2CENTS that stock price drops ?

BP has lost close to 68 BILLION due to the erosion of the price of it's stock since the oil spill in the Gulf .

Perhaps Bill should be asking who is advising BP and how the money trail leads back to RAHM ?

Obama also proclaimed that by YEAR 3 everything in the marshes ,beaches , and coastline would begin to return to normal.

OK which is it ?
Either this is the worst Ecological disaster to EVER occur or it's no big deal .

Obama has time to host concerts , go to fundraisers for Barbara Boxer ( who will face a TOUGH BATTLE today's primary ) , talk to basketball teams , play golf .....

Some compare Obama to Jimmy Carter , I think NERO is a much better comparison.

Obama is incompetent, coupled with his pre contrived plan to cripple and ruin America.

This biggest hypocrisy has to be Robert Gibbs , saying " I haven't spoke directly to the President on this matter".

Gibbs uses this standard reply for all the tough questions that are asked and are NOT favorably to the administration .

However , if a reporter asks an easy question, Gibbs replies " I have spoke directly to the President and he said ................
Convenient huh ?

Obama blamed his unfavorable rating of his handling of the Gulf oil spill on the " 24 hour news cycle "
Hmmm funny how Obama bragged how he ORGANIZED voters to contribute $$$$ for his Presidential campaign and raised SMALL ( most of which could not be traced and probably came from foreign and corporate sources in violation of campaign finance laws ) donations due to his use of this same modern technology .
Should we even mention his Blackberry addiction ?

Perhaps we should be worried Obama wants to tax and censor internet news sites , blogs and create a pool of GOVERNMENT funded reporters to provide us news on a daily basis .
Straight out of 1930's Europe !!!!!

I guess Obama is out today " finding some one's ass to kick" .
Perhaps he is out vacationing or playing golf sans a shirt.
WE have nothing more than a CHICAGO THUG , that is getting his hat handed to him while ATTEMPTING to run the country.

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