Wednesday, June 9, 2010


6-9-2010 11:00 AM EST
Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich waltzed in to the courtroom on Tuesday to begin his corruption trial .
Why is this story not being shown over and over ?
Americans are fed up with corruption and " politics as usual " , yet this story is not being reported on the evening news .

The simple explanation is that the Obama administration is filled with corrupt rats that are tied to this trial.
Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett have both been subpoenaed.

Again we see Raham's name uttered in the same sentence as bribery , extortion , vote fixing , corruption , etc .

How will the following people be exposed in the spotlight of the trial ?

* Tony Rezko Found guilty on 16 counts of corruption in JUNE 2008
Rezko was to be sentenced on Sept. 3 , 2008

Sentencing was delayed and then in October delayed once again .
On December 15th 2008 Rezko's sentencing was delayed " indefinitely "
Rezko is tied to Obama in many ways including a sweetheart real estate for the Obama home in Chicago.
* Jarrett and Rezko took MILLIONS for the failed Grove Parc Plaza,which was later condemned .Jarrett also tried to profit from the failed 2016 Chicago Summer Olympics bid with this property .
* Nadhmi Auchi , an Iraqi Billionaire businessman convicted in the ELF oil scandal and tied to the CORRUPT U.N food for oil scandal .He loaned REZKO 3.5 million to buy Obama's house , at a time when REZKO was flat broke .
Auchi was denied entry into the US , and tried to buy his way in .Obama is tied to 2 fundraisers for his cause.
* Dr. Eric Whitaker , a bagman and middle man for Rezko and Blago . Whitaker was the Director Of The Illinois Department Of Public Health After Obama Recommended him for The post through Obama's Friend Tony Rezko.
* Abdelhamid "Ali" Chaib, a Muslim who is a long-time Rezko associate who ran Crucial Concessions Food Business set up by Jabir Muhammad, and allegedly was involved in a $1.32 million partner scheme to securitize loans, in part to assist Jabir Herert Huhammad purchase a pizza franchise that questionably added to the Rezko-Jabir Muhammad food concessions business. Obama returned to Chaib in 2004 a $5,000 campaign contribution made in 2003 to Obama's 2004 U.S. Senate campaign after Chaib's indictment in the alleged Crucial Concessions Food fraud scheme was announced.
* Davis Miner Branhill & Galland. This was the law firm for which Obama worked starting in 1993. While here he represented "Rezmar," a community development firm owned by Tony Rezko and Dan Mahru that bilked low-income community housing projects that borrowed billions for property developments allegedly made fraudently. Eleven of the 30 alleged failed Rezmar properties were in Obama's state senate district.

Jesse Jackson jr, Roland Burris, Rahm , and Harry Reid were ALL recorded by the FBI leading up to Blago's arrest .

Important questions to be answered .

* Where is Tony Rezko and why is he not in jail ?
* Will Obama appear to testify if asked to do so ?
* How much will be covered up or obscured by Obama refusing to allow Rahm and Jarrett to testify ?
* Will documents and evidence be withheld because White House Chief Counsel Bob Bauer (Bauer was Obama's personal lawyer in charge of blocking all lawsuits seeking birth records , adoption records , school records ,and Selective Service records from being viewed by the American public)by asserting "attorney client privilege" .
* With the flow of oil slowing from the Gulf crisis how long can the media avoid this story ?
* What are Michelle Obama's ties to Rezko and his wife ?
* Will the judge make sure vital information is blocked or redacted so Americans can't see the evidence ?
* Will Obama be bold enough to claim " National Security concerns " to sweep this matter under the rug ?
* Which candidates will use information from the trial to denounce Obama and his corrupt administration as they campaign for the November mid term elections .

Maybe it is possible that Obama sat in front of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years and knew nothing .
Obama's performance surely indicates he is clueless .
Then again Obama may just be a corrupt thug who twists , turns , spins and tries to tell LIES to cover his tracks .


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