Monday, June 21, 2010


6-21-2010 10:30 AM EST

Headlines from across the pond indicate RAHM has had his fill of " Hope N Change " and may want out .
Naturally, Media puppet Robert Gibbs says it's not even worth talking about .

Obama has blown the whole Diplomatic trust between the U.S. and Israel .
Maybe Hillary could persuade the Jewish Population of New York , and Florida , that her and RAHMBO had to bail out, and now will bring the TRUE Hope N Change in 2012 .

History teaches us , that when a politician blows something as badly as Obama has blow the oil spill then heads must roll .

Evidence is leaking out that BP and the MMS BOTH knew there was a problem weeks before the accident .
What is going to happen if the investigations reveals TRANSOCEAN was negligent and BP is in no way at fault ?

BP is losing MILLIONS everyday in leaked oil ,and every time the stock price erodes 1 CENT , they lose 30 MILLION .
BP would end if it they could .

Goldman Sachs is said to have SOLD 1/2 of it's BP stock days before the accident .

HMMM GS and BP both deeply in bed with RAHM ..............................

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