Wednesday, April 14, 2010


4-14-2010 11:00 AM EST

Tuesday the Arizona House of Representatives passed a Senate bill that would make it a violation of Arizona state law to be in the U.S.A. without proper documentation.

Governor Jan Brewer is expected to sign the bill into Law .

Naturally we will see all kinds of court challenges and outpouring that the law is racist and promotes racial profiling .

American's find themselves in a SAD time , when a State can exercise it's 10th Amendment right and we see frivolous lawsuits and organized opposition to it .

The Hypocrisy from the Obama regime will begin the moment the Bill is signed into law .

Securing the border will have very positive actions !!

Decrease the drug trafficking.

Frees up jobs for unemployed LEGAL AMERICANS .

Lowers the cost of Medical Care in Arizona due to illegals not being in the ER .

Decreases Welfare fraud .

Provides more money for the people who need to utilize food banks and other charitable organizations struggling due to increased demand in a sluggish economy .

Curtails " Drug Violence " on both sides of the border .

Very Simply , kicking out the people who BROKE THE LAW to enter this country will lift a huge financial burden from the State of Arizona, and make it's citizens safe and secure .

Well there you have it , a law that enforces the rule of law , protects Americans , and provides both economic growth and economic savings will be criticized and demonized from the White House and every race baiting organization imaginable .

Can we expect to see Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder , and a host of other corrupt thugs that have sworn allegiance to the TYRANT in chief Obama , threaten the State of Arizona ?

Will Joe Arpaio have to use his deputies against the US Government to defend the law of Arizona?

Will we see Arizona Militia groups and other volunteer groups pitch in to help Sheriff Joe ?

Will Obama send the National Guard down to Arizona ?

The 10th Amendment is about to be tested .

Obama's plan for civil unrest as the country drowns in regulations and bankruptcy is still alive and well .

How will the Courts intervene ?

7 states have passed laws the exempt them from the ATF , and numerous other states have joined lawsuits to accomplish this .

This law is a shining example of EXACTLY what America should be doing , and all the while it will be fought from the highest levels of our " Federal Government "

This SIMPLE action of securing the border cures so many things wrong in our country .
Obama and his henchmen are opposed to it because it doesn't cost TRILLIONS of Dollars and it exposes the FAILURE of one of the FEW responsibilities the Founders of the Constitution wanted the Government to provide for it's citizens

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