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I wrote this Draft on 4-2-2010 and decided perhaps I would just save it as a draft for the purpose of being able to look back at some point in the future and see if my thoughts were on target ,and how events had played out .
Due to the insane revelation by our CIC ( Communist in Chief ) that the USA would no longer use its Nuclear Arsenal as a deterrent to protect innocent American citizens on the North American Continent ,I thought perhaps I would post it

4-2-2010 4:40 PM EST

Will you pledge allegiance to a new Flag ?
Which Flag might it be ?
Will it be a flag that is torn and tattered from battle ,stained with the blood of Patriots and guarded with sanctity ?
Will it be a flag that has a hammer and sicle ?
Will it be a flag of a new design that emulates and glories an egomaniacal narcissist ?

During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists.

They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population.
In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it.

Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.

A quick look at the math:
300 million people in the USA , 60 % would be adults ,of those 120 million ,12 million are in this country ILLEGALLY and are NOT citizens .
That leaves 100 million adults,and out of the 100 million ,about 3 Million Patriots.

America's Armed Forces number approximately 1.475 million active duty and approximately 1.46 million reserve .

Can Obama and his Fascist henchmen continue to tax WORKING Americans to the brink of bankruptcy and not seriously consider eliminating the 2ND Amendment and confiscating the firearms that Americans " so desperately cling to " ?

Who are the PATRIOTS ?

Gun owners who will not disarm.
They will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act.
They say quite explicitly that they will not obey any further circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked.
They intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms.
They are committed to the restoration of the Founders' Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that they all took an oath to uphold against ALL enemies, both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC .

They are the people that the collectivists who now control the government should leave alone if they wish to continue unfettered oxygen consumption.
They are the Three Percent willing to Save America!
Attempt to further oppress them at your peril.
To put it bluntly, leave them the hell alone. Or, if you feel froggy, go ahead AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS.

Janet Napolitano issued a memo and it stated :
"The return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks."

Now do you understand why Janet Napolitano used Mexico City as the back drop for apologizing for her official offensive memo naming American combat veterans as likely terrorists?

Ironic she would announce this in Mexico City or a contrived action to advance the idea of amnesty for Illegal aliens in the US ?

Why has Chuck Schumer written a bill requiring EVERY citizen of the age of 18 to automatically be registered to vote ?

Who are these Neo Patriots?
I would think they are for the most part white males , single or divorced ,hard working , god fearing , tax paying AMERICANS .
This group likely consists of Oath Keepers ( and like minded active or retired LE and military ) Veterans of WW II , Korea , Vietnam , and younger people who served during the invasions of Grenada , Panama, and the desolate, hellish region many refer to simply as " the sand box "
Throw in some good ole country boys who are armed to the teeth , and folks genuinely concerned about America being lost in a sea of Communism , Fascism, and Marxism and the picture is complete .

Who are the next 10 percent ?
Married with a family , Hard working Americans with " a little more to lose " , yet willing to provide comfort and aid to help rescue our constitutionally guaranteed ideals of Freedom & Liberty.
This segment of the population would help fund , feed, harbor , and give aid much as the " resistance " in Europe did in WW II .

Could the "TEA PARTY " be the modern day equivalent of " THE SONS OF LIBERTY " ?

Paul Revere had witnessed the horrors of battle as a second lieutenant in an artillery regiment in the French and Indian War .
On April 18 , 1775 Revere mounted his trusty steed and rode to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British Army was marching towards them and had orders to arrest them both .

The next 20 % percent will be content to watch events unfold ,and although they might be sympathetic to the cause, would do very little to help the cause .

The next 33 % would be " blowing with the wind of change "
(I hope the modern day idiots have learned their lesson in regards to Hope N Change )
Will you be fooled by their idealistic mutterings such as :
"If the Tree of Liberty is not nourished and dies , and no one is their to see it fall , did it ever exist at all "?

The 33% who would support the TYRANTS also have familiar faces .
Living on government aid .
Radical left leaning Socialists , Communists , and Marxists.
Minorities that allow the Leftists to manipulate their thoughts and votes .
Pie eyed college age kids and young adults , drowning in a pool of Kool Aid ,too naive to recognize the truth,and emerged in the fallacy of " HOPE " , or " DREAMS " or the latest silly notion of Utopian Society the Tyrants are propagandizing .

This segment of our population will NEVER see the light, and will continue to vote and enable the TYRANTS that are currently in control of our eroding government .

Lately , I have thought that our country is traveling down a road that leads to a fork in the road .
There are three paths at the fork and they all lead to the decline and fall of what remains of the remnants of our once fair and just government .

Path A is a path that allows for total control of every aspect of our life by a enormous government that levies huge taxes and bankrupts this country until it becomes a government by an elite few ,without personal freedoms or Liberty for the average citizen .
A government that is based on underachievement ,dependency of government , redistribution, and strips away all privacy, personal freedoms, and individualism .
This is the very type of government our Founding Fathers were adamantly opposed to, and paid an enormous price to ensure that future generations born in America would be immune to .

Path B is similar to path A , but allows a Super Power like China or Russia to seize the moment when our country is at it's weakest ,near bankruptcy ,with few if any private sector jobs ,and a currency that is all but worthless .
The Super Power at that precise moment ,would sweep in and seize our country ,drowning in it in a cesspool of Communism and Fascism .

Path A & B are very similar in appearance and all but impossible to distinguish from each other .

Path C is easy to recognize
Path C is a tree lined path with a HUGE tree at the head of the path .
This is the tree Thomas Jefferson wrote about .

If we go down path C will you be one of the few " Watering " the tree ?

Will you be unable to water the Tree but assist others so they might water it ?

Will you be the 1/3 that is silly and idealistic and stand idly by and contemplate STUPID questions like :
" If the tree dies and falls ,and no one is present to see the tree fall , did it really even exist to begin with ? "

Will you be the 1/3 who help the Tyrants that are determined to chop the tree down ?

History, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities.
Currently there exists two minorities .
The growing minority of Americans determined to rescue our country, and ensure Freedom and Liberty for all .
The other minority is the current enemies of the Founders' Republic.
What remains, then, is the test of will and skill to determine who shall shape the future of our nation.

Re read your history books ,the taking of Freedom and Liberty has a predictable pattern and easily identifiable Face .

Currently we are in the Propaganda section of the plan .
Laws are being passed against the will of the people , and the TYRANTS responsible are trying to convince the citizens " it's a really good thing , you will love it once you have lived under if for a while "
Reminds me of the old Alka Seltzer commercial " try it you are going to like it"

Soon ( and yes it's already here ) we will here the TYRANTS begin to demonize those who oppose their evil plan to Nationalize, regulate , and control every aspect of our life as they think we are to STUPID to make decisions on our own .

IN the beginning those who oppose them will be called " Fringe " and " a few people spreading lies and mis information "

Later on they will be called names like " Un American " , and " Racists "
Next we are told these " radical " people need to be " re-educated "

Then despicable " Enemies of the State " emerge and you will see their photos on the government controlled media outlets .

Once we hear the Tyrant controlled media refer to Americans as " Seditious " we will be at the brink .

BY the time the " DOMESTIC TERRORISTS " are identified you will be living under martial law and suffering from every from of RATIONING you could imagine .

13 days from now will mark the 235th anniversary of Paul Revere's ride .

Let's all hope that by some miracle that hundreds of corrupt politicians are voted out of office in November 2010 , and then a responsible Congress repeals dozens of laws and rights this ship that is listing badly and sailing a course of no return .

If the solution to the current nightmare we find ourselves in can't be solved via the ballot box in November 2010, then we may all very well find ourselves at the fork in the road .

I have known all my life which path I will take .
I have no choice , as it is a genetic predisposition for me .

Choose your path carefully , as all 3 paths lead down a road of no return .

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