Thursday, April 1, 2010

TIGER WOODS CALLS PRESS CONFERENCE TO ADMIT HIS INVOLVEMENT IN GOP FUNDRAISER IN "BONDAGE CLUB " SCANDAL woods-admits-coercion-to-participate-covert-plot-destroy-democratic-leaders.html

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Tiger Woods coerced by former Bush cabinet members

April 1, 2010 12:09 PM
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ABC News' Jake Tapper reports:

Tiger Woods has called a press conference to make an announcement before his scheduled Master's Invitational appearance that marks his return to the PGA tour.

Tiger is expected to reveal his involvement in a scheme run by former members of
George W.Bush's administration designed to discredit Democratic members of Congress

Senior White House Officials have provided documents that reveal a covert operation headed by former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency ,Micheal Hayden and former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gonzales is accused of providing legal guidance to an elaborate Disinformation campaign contrived by Hayden mere days after President Obama was sworn into office .
The secret operation planted stories for media outlets to pick up , which they would fail to properly vett and in turn sensationalize via national media outlets .
The plan was for the Republican National Committee to expose the media bias to tilt the November 2010 midterm elections in favor of the Republican Party .

Hayden is purported to have forced Tiger to participate in a fabricated sex scandal story ,in exchange for a promise to suppress evidence that Woods was using various females in his entourage as couriers to accompany him to PGA Tournaments and smuggle along vials of Human Growth Hormone .

Gonzales had access to the evidence produced from the the House Government Reform Committee's hearings on steroid use in Major League Baseball in 2005 .
Gonzales is though to have illegally copied documents and later presented those documents to Hayden .

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, revealed President Obama announced his Domestic drilling policy yesterday to delay Republican operatives from releasing damaging information on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others .

The Tiger sex scandal and the firing of a GOP staffer in a scandal involving expenses billed to Republican National Committee from an adult-themed club in West Hollywood, were concocted stories leaked to the press to draw attacks on Republican leaders .Later, GOP strategists would produce short videos of the Criticism ,exposing it as disinformation and in turn use it against prominent Democrats up for re election in November, 2010

GOP strategists are threatening to release audio and video footage of key Democrat leaders caught participating in orgies involving "escorts",that took place in Las Vegas .

Another scandal involves Nancy Pelosi inviting congressmen that were "undecided votes" in the Health Care reform debate to a San Francisco night club that caters to senior citizens who participate in bondage activities .

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