Monday, April 12, 2010


The Media was frothing at the mouth for a story that emphasized Tiger's triumphant return to golf.
Fortunately they came up empty handed .
Tiger arrived with at least 90 Bodyguards .The body guards were not present as much to prevent physical harm to Tiger or heckling from the crowd .
The men were there to prevent any of the dozens of hookers , porn stars, and bimbo's that Tiger has been playing unspeakable games with from entering the venue.
Tiger quite simply has engaged in illegal activities across state lines and it appears it is a " continuing criminal enterprise "

The normal security force at a Masters event is 200 people .Tiger's appearance brought another 90 men.
WOW , would the President or the Pope warrant an extra 90 security officers ?
If Tiger's actions are so bad that he needs upwards to 100 people to CENSOR and SUPPRESS any one that could show up or express their opinion , then perhaps the game could do without TIGER .

The greed that exists at the Network level rewards this kind of behavior .
I find it hard to believe that the organizers of the Masters Invitational would tarnish their storied reputation and tradition by letting Tiger disgrace their tournament .

Will the female that was initially denied entry because " she looked like a porn star Tiger paid tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to have sex with him "receive a record payday from Tiger's paranoid delusions of narcissism ?
Sounds like this female was defamed and suffered and should not only take Tiger to the bank , but also the group that put on the tournament ?

Phil Mickelson won the tournament and the media granted him mere SECONDS of coverage.
Phil was playing with the burden of both his wife and mother struggling with breast cancer .
Tiger, who we have been told is " mentally tougher than any human on the planet " ,appears to have been beat by a human male that had plenty of mental distractions to contend with of his own .
Tiger appeared to be a mere mortal and one has to ask if Tiger has indeed used steroids to boost his performance in the past ?
Take a look at the baseball players ( those who have admitted and denied steroid use ) and see if " magically their careers exploded" , then after they quit taking the drugs went back to a more " normal " level of play .

Steroids would explain his talent and also the superhuman sex drive he seems to be unable to control .
Tiger's head is exceptionally large and that should arouse comparision to Barry Bonds bloated head .

What was going through Amy Mickelson's mind as she watched her husband join a small group of men that have won the Master's event 3 times .
I bet she was thinking only of his accomplishment and how fortunate it was that his proud mother was able to see him accomplish his 3rd Masters title .

The events that unfolded at the Masters are a perfect example how selfish ,greedy,evil, and narcissistic people are rewarded and elevated by modern society to world wide fame and fortune .

Is Tiger " TO BIG TO FAIL " and the PGA ,TV NETWORKS , and SPONSORS will stoop to anything to keep him propped up to enable their dwindling revenue stream ?
Is the NIKE GOLF product line technically superior to all others or is it actually just an identical piece of merchandise made offshore and bears the TIGER logo to boost sales ?
Tiger's wife was not at the event .She has a billionaire husband with a seemingly insatiable appetite for porn stars and orgies , as well as one night stands with bimbos .
Are we to believe that Elin couldn't " pull herself together " long enough to accompany her husband and show her support for him and their marriage ?
Could it be that she is being made unavailable, and at this point is in it " just for the money " ( how does this make her any different than Tiger's Rent a Babes ? )

Amy Mickelson was there for her husband , despite suffering from a disease that is a leading cause of death in females .

Now Tiger says he is going to slide back in his hole and insulate himself from the slimy details of his life ,and is unable to say when he will play golf again .

Tiger had another disingenuous Press conference , and this time proclaimed how relieved he was to have this horrible monkey off his back .
Tiger Didnt look happy to me .
I find it very hard to believe that for years he spent enormous amounts of money and had at least two full time employees organizing hookers and orgies on different continents of the world ,and is able to " kick the habit " and is back to being " just a normal guy " .
Tiger MUST be unhappy because he can no longer be one of the richest and most powerful men on the planet and manipulate and use people for his own sordid pleasure.

How long before NIKE sees the light and walks away from TIGER ?

Tiger's inexcusable behavior,denial and the complicity of the media, Sponsors , PGA and the TV networks is a glaring example of what is wrong in our country today .

Phil Mickleson should be worried as " no good deed goes unpunished "

Personally I can think back to what Charlton Heston said about trusting his daughter or gun with Bill Clinton and insert Tiger's name and it just blows my mind this man is immune to criminal prosecution, and is hailed as a hero and showered with money and fame .

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