Monday, November 30, 2009


11-30-2009 19:45 AM EST

Tiger woods was involved in a single car accident at 2:25 am on 11-27-2009
Tiger has been silent and refused to talk to the FHP for 3 days .

The 2009 Escalade Tiger was driving is reported to have hit a fire hydrant , than a tree in his neighbor's yard .

The story we are being told is that Tiger's wife Elina heard the crash and immediately knew that her husband was involved and had the presence of mind to find a golf club , run outside to the crash site and smash out 2 of the rear windows and extract her husband from the vehicle .

Let's examine each detail we have .
1) Tiger leaves his wife and 2 small children at 2:25 AM in the morning for " destination unknown"
2)Elina Woods " hears a crash " and calmly decides to retrieve a golf club and go " rescue " her husband .
3) Photos of the vehicle reveal very minor damage to the vehicle .The front bumper cover is loose and the hood is crinkled but it is very visibly apparent that the doors are in no way " jammed close " .The air bags did not deploy.
4) Elina then uses the golf club to smash not ONE but TWO of the rear windows .
5) Elina then drags the limp 185 lb body of her husband out of his drivers seat , into the rear passenger compartment and out the of the vehicle .
6) Tiger is then laid flat on the road to wait for " help " to arrive .

WOW does she have ESP and super human strength also?
Why did she not grab the cell phone as she exited out of the house and call 911?
Why did she not use the " ONSTAR " feature on the GM product and call for help ?

Now for a real explanation .

Tiger an his wife were having a heated argument and he went outside .She followed with a golf club in her hands and took a few swings at him and in the process burst two windows out of the SUV.

Elina then made a few good hits on Tiger with the club and he stumbled , dazed out into the street where he fell unconscious .

Elina then the realizes the GRAVY TRAIN could derail, quickly hatches a scheme to get in the Escalade and stage an "accident" .
After hitting the fire hydrant at a very slow speed she then takes aim at the tree .
Upon hitting the tree the airbags still have not deployed , but the battery has been jarred loose and the vehicle will not start again .

Now which account seems more plausible ?

Tiger now has his attorney handling the whole process of interacting with the FHP and answering questions about the accident investigation .

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