Tuesday, November 3, 2009


11-3-22-09 11.45 PM EST

You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Abraham Lincoln, 16th president of US (1809 - 1865)

Obama won Virginia by 6% a mere year ago .Tonight the voters of the commonwealth elected a republican Governor , Lt governor ,and Attorney General by margins of about 18% in each race .

Rachel Maddow was to busy reporting on the " Anti Gay " vote in Maine, to report on this " insignificant story ".Rachel did take time later on to point out it was Creigh Deeds' own bumbling and lack of reaching out to OBAMA that cost him the election. Ms. Maddow fail to point out that BILLIONAIRE Jon Corzine campaigned on 5 different occasions with Obama and spent MILLIONS of his personal fortune he amassed from Goldman Sach's and still went down in defeat .

Wednesday morning should prove to be very interesting . What will the reaction be to the INDIAN government buying 200 TONS of GOLD Tuesday as they decided to shun the US dollar ? Will the US dollar lose even more value ?

Will the Democratic representatives and Senators avoid the press? How many will see the events of the previous night in a clear light? America found out a BILLIONAIRE with the full support and clout of OBAMA in a liberal state could still be handed defeat by a little known conservative . Bloomberg will win his 3rd term by a very slim margin .

Naturally Obama was not interested in the elections he reportedly was watching the basketball game instead .( NERO fiddled while ROME burned )

Events to watch for
1) A sizeable move in the stock market will indicate what the policy makers on Wall street thought of the off year elections
2) Nancy Pelosi is she still going to try and ram this health care vote through? How many Reps will not attend the vote or vote " present "
3) Who will Keith Olbermann blame this all on and which people make the " enemy of the state " list ?
4) How will the White House spin this ? Will GIBBS take a shot at RUSH ?
5) What will Axlerod and RAHM try to peddle to us on the Sunday talk shows?
6) How will the Liberal newspapers and media outlets spin and or avoid the story ?
7) Will Andrea Mitchell blame it on racism? How about the socialists on the VIEW ?
8) Who will try and persecute Ann Coulter and scrutinized where she cast her vote at?
9) Jesse and AL how can they make this a racial controversy and rake in $$ in the process ?
10) What will Jay, Conan , and Letterman have to joke about ?

The American Public is fed up with this administration .First we had Tea Party's that were dismissed as " fringe". Next came the " town halls" , again rabid radicals incensed by Rush and Beck .Then the 912 crowd emerged . The media has ignored and dismissed the American People and their lack of confidence in Obama and his inner circle of clowns .
Now we have a a HUGE story that the " state controlled media" will try to minimize and ignore .Imagine if a Republican governor in Texas had lost by 18% , the story would be pale in comparison to ANNA Nicole or even the king of child molester's Micheal Jackson .
The message is loud and it is clear . Vote with Obama and you can expect to spend 10's of millions of your own fortune and still lose even in liberal strongholds .
We now have the same problem we had with Jimmy Carter ...nothing can be accomplished because every one is afraid to be linked to the President .
We have 1 short year before the 2010 elections , expect the common theme to be " he voted with OBAMA and PELOSI 95% of the time" ( the kiss of death in an election )

REID will now seriously be worried about his job and we may see him back peddle .
What about Barb BOXER ?She has a serious opponent also.

We are going to see a new tactic in national politics, people who are happy with their CONSERVATIVE representatives contribute $$ to out of state campaigns and help defeat the FASCISTS that are trying to steal are basic AMERICAN Freedoms .
I wrote on the 7th of JULY about SARAH PALIN energizing a new 3rd party , a party that will advance a conservative candidate to run against DEMS and Republicans

The White House will try and convince you this is not a referendum on OBAMA and his failing policies .
Pay attention to what the people in NJ and VA have to say . They do not want higher taxes, Cap and Trade , Health care or any intrusion by the government into their lives .
Lets all agree to let those mis guided people live in Ny , California and 3 or 4 more fringe states and leave the rest of us REAL AMERICANS alone .

IN the End it has to racism, Rush , Beck , Hannity and few " people out on the fringes " who have distorted OBAMA"S failure and brainwashed the rest of America.

If they only had a Black man in one of the races they could simply blame it all on the KKK. Fear not ANDRE MITCHELL and OLBERMANN will find a way to spin it !!


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