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11-20-2009 11:40 AM EST

Sarah Palin released her book " Going Rogue "3 Days ago on November 17th ,2009 .
The first day the book sold 300 THOUSAND copies , and Rocketing by the likes of STEPHEN KING ,DAN BROWN , and yes even misguided GLENN BECK .

America is caught in the grasp of a deep recession , yet at every stop on her book signing tour the line has been over 1000 people long .

What could this mean ? Could it be that single handedly that Sarah has produced a huge economic stimulus ? A stimulus that didnt use a dime tax payer money or bog down the inefficiency of our massive and fraud riddled government programs ?

The Associated Press has assigned 11 reporters to "FACT CHECK " Palins book .That is 11 more than investigated OBAMA'S book, or Ted "I never drowned a woman that I regretted doing so later " Kennedy , or even the weak attempts of Joe Bidden .

That is an 1100% increase in JOBS SAVED !!

Now lets look at the 1000 People ( more like 1500 in most venues) who stand in line for 4 hours to buy the book and have MS.Palin sign it .I would estimate that is more people than enter the book store in a 48 hour period ( 4 days )AND EVERY ONE OF THEM buys a hard cover book , even at the discounted price of $15.00 USD this would be 15 THOUSAND in revenue .Revenue that would have not have been realized without her book !

One would have to think the consumers onsite to see Palin use the restroom at a greater rate than the average patron ,as the NON PALIN customer doesnt spend 4-6 hours at the store.
Same applies to the " coffee shop "inside the store .

If we use a factor of 2x bathroom usage and purchases at the coffee shop then " economic impact" is actually 24 TIMES what it would normally be . So the Janitoral supply company sees a increase in sales at a rate of 24 time the rate without Palin around .Same goes for the suppliers to the coffee shop. What about the increase in hourly employees at the book store ? What about the spill over to adjacent shops , like the DELI or the pet store ?

Palin appeared on OPRAH'S show and that day Oprah had 8.7 million viewers tune it to see Sarah vs. the usual 6.8 Million viewers. A whopping 22% increase .Naturally the OPRAH crew anticipated this and charged more for the commercials to Fortune 500 companies .
The added revenue for the Good Morning America and OPRAH show is estimated at 2.5 MILLION US dollars .

The impact to the Television Industry from JUST the expanded NEWS COVERAGE is now estimated at 1.55 million per DAY .

Increased Magazines sales ? News Week certainly thinks so !
Chances are women that have never purchased PLAY GIRL will probably do so to see LEVI ( the radical Obama followers version of CINDY SHEEHAN ) Johnston.
Reports now seem to indicate LEVI will not pose nude but strip to is undies.Even so I think we will see an increase in circulation for that issue of at least 1.5 Million .

In just 3 short days the economic impact SARAH PALIN has brought to AMERICA is estimated to be over 25 MILLION DOLLARS. Real money, tangible dollars that can be recognized and not a bunch of creative book keeping formulas and reports of jobs created in congressional districts that do not exist.

Pure coincidence that 2 controversial Issues ( revised Mammogram study and moving the trial of KSM to NYC )are announced the day before Palin's book hits the shelves?
Obama has said he probably will not read her book.Imagine that! The one person that revived the opposing party against him and he isnt interested in better understanding her ?

If we dont stop Sarah and stop her soon then she might just save our great country from the Idiots like GEITHNER and the rest of the left loon czars destroying our country ,while pretending to be saving the economy.

The thing I like the best about this whole scenario is how the OBAMA biased media is being forced to cover Palin and her immense success .

Watch the clip below as NBC News Today program and chief Washington, D.C. correspondent for MSNBC( chief propagandist) Norah O'Donnell takes on a teen age girl standing in line to have Palin sign her book .
Norah has written " cue cards " to ask this tough question. Also notice as the gentleman behind the girl gives the real explination to Norah's trick / " gotcha " question ,of which the circumstances around the event in question are not fully disclosed . Norah turns away as the man rebukes the question to avoid being exposed as the manipulating propagandist" she really is .

A President that apologizes, panders and bows before the rest of the world .A President with overwhelming majorities and control in both houses of congress , has had his approval rating drop from 77% to 47% in just 10 short months in office .Now they resort to sending seasoned Network reporters out to intimidate teenagers in attempts to discredit a true AMERICAN patriot and , aid in their futile attempt to bolster ratings for a failing President and his socialist polices .

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