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11-6-2009 10:35 AM EST

Today may go down in history as the last day American's still retained their freedoms and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution .


Nancy Pelosi plans to hold the House of Representatives over for the weekend to cast votes on the so called " Health Reform " .Naturally Pelosi is refusing to put all 1995 ( or more as no one has seen all of it ) pages online for 72 hours as she pledged to the American people she would do ( Yes OBAMA campaigned on this principle and we have yet to see it or the TELEVISED debates on CSPAN )
The Weekly Standard asked Pelosi about this on September 24, 2009

TWS: Madam Speaker, do you support the measure to put the final House bill online for 72 hours before it's voted on at the very end?

PELOSI: Absolutely. Without question.

Now Pelosi has released this statement through her spokesman Brendan Daly . Daly replied in an email: "No; [the] pledge was to have manager’s amendment online for 72 hours, and we will do that."
Well how is that for TRANSPARENCY? Crystal clear enough for you ?

Why will the Liberals not let the AMERICAN public see this bill? It is supposed to be the greatest thing since man stood on two legs!!!!!

Perhaps it is because the GOP released ( yes anyone is allowed to read it ) its own version of health Care reform a MASSIVE 230 pages at a cost of about 60 BILLION , and the CBO says most or ALL of that could be realized in cost savings making it almost DEFICIT NEUTRAL .

Let's Take a look at this past week and put it in perspective and maybe you will realize Pelosi's agenda

On Tuesday the government of INDIA announced it was buying 200 tons of GOLD BULLION for the IMF at a price of $1045.00USD per ounce.Gold shot up to $1095.00 USD on the open market . The IMF will sell more GOLD BULLION to Russia and China .This is a BIG step in making sure that the US Dollar is no longer the " reserve currency " of the world . Next we will see Crude Oil will no longer be traded in USD , Gold will no longer be quoted in USD either .
What does this mean to Americans ? It means that the rest of the world is going to a GLOBAL CURRENCY propped up by China , Russia and other countries who would love to bankrupt our country and our freedoms .

An off year election was held Tuesday night and it was a big defeat for Democrats. Although Bloomberg won in NYC, it was after spending 200 million of his own money .Why is OBAMA and George SOROS and other FASCISTS so interested in manipulating elections NYC? Because its an easy way to control a significant amount of the US economy ( the largest economy in the us WELL OVER 1 TRILLION ) AND electoral votes .Why would a person spend 200 million of his own savings ( after changing the law to allow him another term ) Bloomberg is HUGE ANTI GUN guy and he needs to help SOROS , OBAMA and the rest of the RADICAL left wing try and ruin our country in the 3 years they have left .
OBAMA was reported NOT to be following the Election , rather watching the Chicago BULLS game ( NERO fiddled while ROME burned ) OR a documentary about himself on HBO ( depending on which White House press release you believe ).

The stock market SURGED a total of 2.5% Wednesday and Thursday .Friday the Unemployment rate JUMPED to 10.2% the lowest since 1983 ( unexpectedly of course ) and average hours worked fell to 33.The Stock market will lose most or all of that gain in the coming week .

OBAMA is SAVING jobs ..lets look at the SAVED JOBS math

At Southwest Georgia Community Action Council in Moultrie, Ga., director Myrtis Mulkey-Ndawula said she followed the guidelines the Obama administration provided. She said she multiplied the 508 employees by 1.84 — the percentage pay raise they received — and came up with 935 jobs saved.

"I would say it's confusing at best," she said. "But we followed the instructions we were given."

Barack Obama's economic recovery program saved 935 jobs at the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, an impressive success story for the stimulus plan. Trouble is, only 508 people work there.

About two-thirds of the 14,506 jobs claimed to be saved under one federal office, the Administration for Children and Families at Health and Human Services, actually weren't saved at all, according to a review of the latest data by The Associated Press. Instead, that figure includes more than 9,300 existing employees in hundreds of local agencies who received pay raises and benefits and whose jobs weren't saved.

More than $4.7 million in federal stimulus aid so far has been funneled to schools in North Chicago, and state and federal officials say that money has saved the jobs of 473 teachers.

Problem is, the district employs only 290 teachers. …

In the official report, Wilmette Public Schools District 39 was credited with 166 jobs saved by stimulus aid. Superintendent Raymond Lechner said the number should be zero.

At Dolton-Riverdale School District 148, stimulus funds were said to have saved the equivalent of 382 full-time teaching jobs — 142 more than the district actually has.

A similar discrepancy was found in data for Kankakee School District 111, where the stimulus report logged the equivalent of 665 full-time jobs saved. “That’s impossible,” a top Kankakee school official said, adding that the entire payroll — full and part time — is 600 workers.

More than 250 other community agencies in the U.S. similarly reported saving jobs when using the money to give pay raises, to pay for training and continuing education, to extend employee work hours or to buy equipment, according to their spending reports.

The UN pulled out of Afghanistan , this has to be a coordinated move with the White House so BARRY can reduce the number of troops we need in the region and sooner rather than later " CUT AND RUN " The killings of civilians this week in the region were by TERRORISTS that had infiltrated the local police forces.

Thursday we had a horrific shooting spree at FT HOOD in Texas .The killer was a soldier by the name of Major Nidal Malik Hasan .Everyone was quick to point out he was an AMERICAN , but his name and photos clearly identify him as of MIDDLE EAST decent . The American HMS ( Homeland Security Secretary or Hopelessly Misguided Socialist ) Janet Napolitano was quick to announce this massacre was NOT a terrorist act .
What would you call a man Of Middle Eastern decent who takes two handguns and shouts "Allahu Akbar!" — an Arabic phrase for "God (Allah ) is great!" as he kills 13 Americans and wounds 31 more ?

We now have Terrorists that have successfully infiltrated the AMERICAN military and foreign forces as well.
We have Fascists and Socialists in the HIGHEST offices in our Government. Many of our fathers and grandfathers fought , and many gave their lives to prevent this form happening in the 1950's and 1960's.
Is it to far fetched to think that MANY of the ARABS we see in our every day life are really infiltrators ready to be activated ?

Thursday Michele Bachmann organized a rally at the Capitol to let Americans confront their representatives face to face and tell them to vote NO on Health Care reform . We all know that by creating more government agencies we will pay MORE taxes as these entities incur massive losses ( post office , social security ,IRS .Welfare ,Fanny Mae , Freddy Mac and of course the 32 TRILLION DOLLAR LOSS of Medicare )..which by the way this " reform " will just become one big MEDICARE merger / bailout )

Obama and his circle of Socialists and Fascists have failed repeatedly .CIT took bail out money and now is BANKRUPT . GM wants more money , as well as FANNIE MAE.
American Foreign Policy is now a bigger joke than when Jimmy Carter was letting his brother BILLY sip beer with Libyan TYRANTS .

The amount of mistakes and miscalculations could not HAPPEN naturally . This is a CONTRIVED precise plan to wreck our Economy ,and rob of us of our freedom.The rest of the world will never rise to our standard of living so they have to TEAR down our country to their level. Look at the school systems we have been "dumbing down " the standards for decades .

Pelosi and her clowns want to run health care .Yet we find out during this FAUX Pandemic they cant even distribute flu shots .Wall Street execs are getting their doses while average American moms who may be pregnant or have chronically ill children wait in line to be told there are no more doses .
The SIEU union boss is the most frequent visitor to the White House !

This is Obama's " CHANGE "? Is he truly looking out for the " average American "

AP reports only 2% would enroll under Pelosi's plan .The CBO says it will cost 1.2 trillion ( more like 40 trillion in 15 years )55% of Americans OPPOSE this plan !!

Once you get past the injustice of making EVERY American pay a MONTHLY premium to fund FEDERAL abortions ( a monthly abortion premium will be charged of all enrollees in the government-run plan. It’s right there on line 16, page 96, section 213, under “Insurance Rating Rules.” The premium will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account), what else do we see in this DEBACLE of a bill?

A PARTIAL list of all the new boards, bureaucracies, commissions, and programs created in H.R. 3962, Speaker Pelosi’s government takeover of health care:

1. Retiree Reserve Trust Fund (Section 111(d), p. 61)

2. Grant program for wellness programs to small employers (Section 112, p. 62)

3. Grant program for State health access programs (Section 114, p. 72)

4. Program of administrative simplification (Section 115, p. 76)

5. Health Benefits Advisory Committee (Section 223, p. 111)

6. Health Choices Administration (Section 241, p. 131)

7. Qualified Health Benefits Plan Ombudsman (Section 244, p. 138)

8. Health Insurance Exchange (Section 201, p. 155)

9. Program for technical assistance to employees of small businesses buying Exchange coverage (Section 305(h), p. 191)

10. Mechanism for insurance risk pooling to be established by Health Choices Commissioner (Section 306(b), p. 194)

11. Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund (Section 307, p. 195)

12. State-based Health Insurance Exchanges (Section 308, p. 197)

13. Grant program for health insurance cooperatives (Section 310, p. 206)

14. "Public Health Insurance Option" (Section 321, p. 211)

15. Ombudsman for "Public Health Insurance Option" (Section 321(d), p. 213)

16. Account for receipts and disbursements for "Public Health Insurance Option" (Section 322(b), p. 215)

17. Telehealth Advisory Committee (Section 1191 (b), p. 589)

18. Demonstration program providing reimbursement for "culturally and linguistically appropriate services" (Section 1222, p. 617)

19. Demonstration program for shared decision making using patient decision aids (Section 1236, p. 648)

20. Accountable Care Organization pilot program under Medicare (Section 1301, p. 653)

21. Independent patient-centered medical home pilot program under Medicare (Section 1302, p. 672)

22. Community-based medical home pilot program under Medicare (Section 1302(d), p. 681)

23. Independence at home demonstration program (Section 1312, p. 718)

24. Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research (Section 1401(a), p. 734)

25. Comparative Effectiveness Research Commission (Section 1401(a), p. 738)

26. Patient ombudsman for comparative effectiveness research (Section 1401(a), p. 753)

27. Quality assurance and performance improvement program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 1412(b)(1), p. 784)

28. Quality assurance and performance improvement program for nursing facilities (Section 1412 (b)(2), p. 786)

29. Special focus facility program for skilled nursing facilities (Section 1413(a)(3), p. 796)

30. Special focus facility program for nursing facilities (Section 1413(b)(3), p. 804)

31. National independent monitor pilot program for skilled nursing facilities and nursing facilities (Section 1422, p. 859)

32. Demonstration program for approved teaching health centers with respect to Medicare GME (Section 1502(d), p. 933)

33. Pilot program to develop anti-fraud compliance systems for Medicare providers (Section 1635, p. 978)

34. Special Inspector General for the Health Insurance Exchange (Section 1647, p. 1000)

35. Medical home pilot program under Medicaid (Section 1722, p. 1058)

36. Accountable Care Organization pilot program under Medicaid (Section 1730A, p. 1073)

37. Nursing facility supplemental payment program (Section 1745, p. 1106)

38. Demonstration program for Medicaid coverage to stabilize emergency medical conditions in institutions for mental diseases (Section 1787, p. 1149)

39. Comparative Effectiveness Research Trust Fund (Section 1802, p. 1162)

40. "Identifiable office or program" within CMS to "provide for improved coordination between Medicare and Medicaid in the case of dual eligibles" (Section 1905, p. 1191)

41. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Section 1907, p. 1198)

42. Public Health Investment Fund (Section 2002, p. 1214)

43. Scholarships for service in health professional needs areas (Section 2211, p. 1224)

44. Program for training medical residents in community-based settings (Section 2214, p. 1236)

45. Grant program for training in dentistry programs (Section 2215, p. 1240)

46. Public Health Workforce Corps (Section 2231, p. 1253)

47. Public health workforce scholarship program (Section 2231, p. 1254)

48. Public health workforce loan forgiveness program (Section 2231, p. 1258)

49. Grant program for innovations in interdisciplinary care (Section 2252, p. 1272)

50. Advisory Committee on Health Workforce Evaluation and Assessment (Section 2261, p. 1275)

51. Prevention and Wellness Trust (Section 2301, p. 1286)

52. Clinical Prevention Stakeholders Board (Section 2301, p. 1295)

53. Community Prevention Stakeholders Board (Section 2301, p. 1301)

54. Grant program for community prevention and wellness research (Section 2301, p. 1305)

55. Grant program for research and demonstration projects related to wellness incentives (Section 2301, p. 1305)

56. Grant program for community prevention and wellness services (Section 2301, p. 1308)

57. Grant program for public health infrastructure (Section 2301, p. 1313)

58. Center for Quality Improvement (Section 2401, p. 1322)

59. Assistant Secretary for Health Information (Section 2402, p. 1330)

60. Grant program to support the operation of school-based health clinics (Section 2511, p. 1352)

61. Grant program for nurse-managed health centers (Section 2512, p. 1361)

62. Grants for labor-management programs for nursing training (Section 2521, p. 1372)

63. Grant program for interdisciplinary mental and behavioral health training (Section 2522, p. 1382)

64. "No Child Left Unimmunized Against Influenza" demonstration grant program (Section 2524, p. 1391)

65. Healthy Teen Initiative grant program regarding teen pregnancy (Section 2526, p. 1398)

66. Grant program for interdisciplinary training, education, and services for individuals with autism (Section 2527(a), p. 1402)

67. University centers for excellence in developmental disabilities education (Section 2527(b), p. 1410)

68. Grant program to implement medication therapy management services (Section 2528, p. 1412)

69. Grant program to promote positive health behaviors in underserved communities (Section 2530, p. 1422)

70. Grant program for State alternative medical liability laws (Section 2531, p. 1431)

71. Grant program to develop infant mortality programs (Section 2532, p. 1433)

72. Grant program to prepare secondary school students for careers in health professions (Section 2533, p. 1437)

73. Grant program for community-based collaborative care (Section 2534, p. 1440)

74. Grant program for community-based overweight and obesity prevention (Section 2535, p. 1457)

75. Grant program for reducing the student-to-school nurse ratio in primary and secondary schools (Section 2536, p. 1462)

76. Demonstration project of grants to medical-legal partnerships (Section 2537, p. 1464)

77. Center for Emergency Care under the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (Section 2552, p. 1478)

78. Council for Emergency Care (Section 2552, p 1479)

79. Grant program to support demonstration programs that design and implement regionalized emergency care systems (Section 2553, p. 1480)

80. Grant program to assist veterans who wish to become emergency medical technicians upon discharge (Section 2554, p. 1487)

81. Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee (Section 2562, p. 1494)

82. National Medical Device Registry (Section 2571, p. 1501)

83. CLASS Independence Fund (Section 2581, p. 1597)

84. CLASS Independence Fund Board of Trustees (Section 2581, p. 1598)

85. CLASS Independence Advisory Council (Section 2581, p. 1602)

86. Health and Human Services Coordinating Committee on Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1610)

87. National Women’s Health Information Center (Section 2588, p. 1611)

88. Centers for Disease Control Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1614)

89. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Office of Women’s Health and Gender-Based Research (Section 2588, p. 1617)

90. Health Resources and Services Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1618)

91. Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health (Section 2588, p. 1621)

92. Personal Care Attendant Workforce Advisory Panel (Section 2589(a)(2), p. 1624)

93. Grant program for national health workforce online training (Section 2591, p. 1629)

94. Grant program to disseminate best practices on implementing health workforce investment programs (Section 2591, p. 1632)

95. Demonstration program for chronic shortages of health professionals (Section 3101, p. 1717)

96. Demonstration program for substance abuse counselor educational curricula (Section 3101, p. 1719)

97. Program of Indian community education on mental illness (Section 3101, p. 1722)

98. Intergovernmental Task Force on Indian environmental and nuclear hazards (Section 3101, p. 1754)

99. Office of Indian Men’s Health (Section 3101, p. 1765)

100. Indian Health facilities appropriation advisory board (Section 3101, p. 1774)

101. Indian Health facilities needs assessment workgroup (Section 3101, p. 1775)

102. Indian Health Service tribal facilities joint venture demonstration projects (Section 3101, p. 1809)

103. Urban youth treatment center demonstration project (Section 3101, p. 1873)

104. Grants to Urban Indian Organizations for diabetes prevention (Section 3101, p. 1874)

105. Grants to Urban Indian Organizations for health IT adoption (Section 3101, p. 1877)

106. Mental health technician training program (Section 3101, p. 1898)

107. Indian youth telemental health demonstration project (Section 3101, p. 1909)

108. Program for treatment of child sexual abuse victims and perpetrators (Section 3101, p. 1925)

109. Program for treatment of domestic violence and sexual abuse (Section 3101, p. 1927)

110. Native American Health and Wellness Foundation (Section 3103, p. 1966)

111. Committee for the Establishment of the Native American Health and Wellness Foundation (Section 3103, p. 1968)

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