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11-17-2009 10:30 AM EST

A new study from a GOVERNMENT PANEL suggests that the frequency of Mammograms should be cut DRASTICALLY .
Dr. Diana Petitti with the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force has announced that women in their 40's really do not need a mammogram AT ALL! Petitti also adds this caveat about women age 50-74 "Screening every two years captures most of the benefit in terms of reducing breast cancer mortality, while decreasing the harms,"
The panel went further, saying self exams do no good -- and women shouldn't be taught how to do them.

2.5 million women in the US have been diagnosed with breast cancer .

Examine the numbers
Mammograms prevent 1 death in 1900 for women in their 40's
Mammograms prevent 1 death in 1300 for women in their 50's
Mammograms prevent 1 death in 400 for women in their 60's

The people behind this decision freely admit this is " rationing " , but it is a GOOD FORM of rationing .

The rationale here is that by eliminating ALL the mammograms for women in their 40's and HALF the mammograms for women in the 50-74 age group , the COST SAVINGS will be used to find a more effective way to detect breast cancer .

Shouldnt we continue to do what works as we seek a better alternative ?

Here in Alabama the going rate for a mammogram is $300.00 USD

Do the math it adds up to BILLIONS !

Expect this form of cost cutting to " ensure we can provide health care for everyone "

It's a BIG LIE .As big a Lie as GLOBAL WARMING ( 2009 is the 3rd coldest year on record since record keeping began )

Every year since 2002 the mortality rate for women in their 40's diagnosed with breast cancer has declined 3%

Who among us will fall into the 3% that will be determined not to be " cost effective to be treated "?

The politicians in DC are determined to pass the " HEALTH CARE REFORM " despite the strong opposition by the American people .

Many have cited examples of higher mortality rates in developed countries with " socialized medicine "

Should one think that under a GOVERNMENT RUN INSURANCE plan that the policy would ignore this government study and continue to let American women have a mammogram at an age of their own choosing ?

The PELOSI plan creates all kinds of panels and bureaucracy.The left leaning media has been critical of individuals for using the term " death panel "

This is an early example of a government run panel deciding what is most cost effective , and as a result determining who will live and die based on cost cutting and statistics , rather than taking in account its a HUMAN LIFE and all life is precious and therefore worth saving

Reduced frequency of Mammograms cam only result in increased mortality .

Insurance companies now have the ammo they need to change the policy on mammograms .One thing for sure is that a private plan would be FORCED to follow the federal guidelines if a PUBLIC OPTION becomes law .

IN 2009 their has been a huge increase in the visibility of this form of cancer .NFL players , coaches and officials donned pink gear to draw attention to the subject

New mandates place all of us ( yes breast cancer does strike males also )at increased risk that we may lose some one close to us to breast cancer .
Government run health care would not only fail to pay for you to have the mammogram it would FORBID your physician to provide the service to you EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR IT YOURSELF

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you know a breast cancer survivor that was diagnosed with the cancer under the age of 50 .

Where will it stop? Will it be determined that cancer and other diseases are much more aggressive in pre teen children and that money would better utilized on saving the life of some one in another age bracket ?

How about PETS ? Makes sense that sense all resources will be needed, and that medical technicians couldnt waste their training , time or the government resources to prolong a pet's life

Women all across America need to unite and fight this Health Care reform .
CALL AND WRITE your elected representatives .Online petition are a WASTE OF TIME !!!

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