Friday, November 13, 2009


11-13-2009 11:20 AM EST

A.P. is reporting that White House counsel Greg Craig is announcing his resignation TODAY

Obama will replace Craig with his personal lawyer Bob Bauer.

Sheer coincidence that Bauer is married to Anita Dunn ( FOX NEWS BASHER IN CHIEF ) , who just resigned her position at the White House ?

Bauer has been paid $1.4 Million U.S.D. by OBAMA to make sure none of the lawsuits seeking information about Obama's school records , Medical records , passport records and other pertinent information that EVERY president and presidential candidate before OBAMA has made available to the American People

One could only conclude that Obama is bringing Bauer into the White House to shield him under " Executive Privilege "

Will the American people be told Bauer can not testify or represent him in any of the court cases because " It is a national security matter " when one of the HUNDREDS of lawsuits filed against Obama makes it through the minefield of hurdles Bauer has put in place to prevent these lawsuits from seeing their day in court ?

Will we hear from the NAYSAYERS that attacked BUSH for preventing ROVE from being questioned ?

Will the Media ask the tough questions about the $1.4 MILLION Obama has paid Bauer and his Washington law firm of Perkins Cole LLP ?

Just more TRANSPARENCY for the American People ?

Rassmussen's latest poll puts Obama's FAVORABLE rating at 46%


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