Thursday, December 3, 2009


12-3-2009 5:25 PM EST
Al Gore has canceled ONE of his scheduled speaking engagement in Copenhagen .
Gore was going to be speaking about his new book "Our Choice".
Tickets ranged from a mere $ 40.00 U.S.D. to $1200.00 U.S.D. to actually meet and shake the hand of the " profiteer in charge of climate falsehoods "

NASA has now gone back and changed their data . A HUGE scandal is brewing and the emails are authentic and implicate many .
Is GORE running scared ? What happens when the propaganda in his " MOCKUMENTARY " is exposed as a pack of lies?
Did GORE commit crimes in his scheme of " global warming " while in the White House ?
How many in the English , and American government will be investigated and found guilty of this FRAUD?
How far up the "chain of command " does the blame go ?

Must be a money trail for HUNDREDS of people to be involved in this SCAM .
The trail HAS to lead back to AL GORE as he has made more than anyone on this elaborate HOAX of "climate change"

Will AL GORE lose his NOBEL PRIZE?( not that mean anything as OBAMA was awarded one the basis of ? His race ? His Socialist agenda? His promise to ruin America?)

Maybe GORE is afraid he will have to field questions about his lifestyle , jetting around the world in his private jet , profits from this scheme, now that they will all FINALLY be asked to him?

This conspiracy and subsequent cover up HOPEFULLY will open the eyes up of EVERYONE and let them grasp the concept that the SOCIALIST ELITE are trying to take our freedoms and re distribute our wealth .

How much of this is being reported on network NEWS ? ODD isnt it?
The coverage is non existent after the NEWS and Hollywood people have advanced this AGENDA and rammed it down our throats?
Perhaps GE sold NBC to limit its exposure to lawsuits from the propaganda it spread on shows like 30 ROCK?

At the center of this elaborate global SCHEME is the UNITED NATIONS .
Our old friends who have a life long mission to steal wealth from the prosperous nations of the world and pretend to help poor nations of the world .
The UN is rife with corruption and previous scandals, the most recent is the IRAQI OIL fraud perpetrated by Kaufi Anan .
And we wonder why the rest of the world APPLAUDS BARRY SOETORO ?

The answer is quite simple , he is the infiltrator that is attempting to topple America from within !!

Where is the " TRANSPARENCY " we were promised by " THE ONE "?

Why are not Frank, Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry ,Waxman, Boxer , Feinstein, Obama and HOLDER ( Head of the GESTAPO ) not screaming for investigations ?

What about the media? Where are they ?

Safe to say if we replace " AL GORE " with " DICK CHENEY" , then Obama would declare a national emergency ,the National Guard would be mobilized and we would have answers and the very minutia of every document and email would be dissected and splattered all over TV for the WORLD to condemm .

Fortunately our friends in NEW ZEALAND and Australia have exposed this and heads are rolling down under .
The British will be forced to expose it next .
ALAS, America under the guidance of OBEY ME will be the last ones to call for investigations .
Should we expect any less from an administration that is lead by a Socialist, one that can can proudly claim a long list of terrorists as friends?


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