Tuesday, April 21, 2009


4-21-2009 11.00 AM EST

Obama proudly claimed victory over the economy last week and announced we are on the road to recovery . Wall street did not get the message . Options expired on Friday 4-17-2009. Most of the "rally" was in fact traders covering their short bets .Remember Obama pleaded to all Americans that we needed to act and act fast to pass this massive spending . Sad fact of the matter is that by most estimates only about 2 % of the money has actually been distributed .What does this mean ? Does it mean we acted fast but did not pump dollars into the economy? Does it mean that the economy will cure itself over a period of time no matter what we do to stimulate it ? Does it mean Obama and the Democrats ( led by Rahm never waste a good crises Emanuel ) passed a whole bunch of liberal , socialist spending programs that can only lead to higher taxes and a huge burden for future generations ?

Many banks are desperately trying to give the TARP loans back and Obama will not let them do it .Did these financial institutions take this " bail out money " and not really need it ? Do these same institutions now realize that Obama wants to make hiring and firing decisions and limit executive pays , and have decided " Thanks , but no thanks '?

Obama's real plan is to " forgive the loans " and take shares of stock instead. Many would call this " NATIONALIZATION " of the banks . Obama wants to control the banks so he can move us closer to a global Currency. You see having the strongest currency on the planet makes us look arrogant and foolish , and the Socialists, Communists , Tyrants and Terrorists of the world simply will not stand for us being affluent and powerfull anymore . China has already utilized the strategy of buying commodities like copper , rather than investing in American debt .

These are sad times we are in Obama has offered the entire blame for the drug trade as an American problem . How long before he also proclaims we cause Terrorism? Poverty? Suffering ?
Obama has snubbed our traditional world partners , and instead has cozied up with the Tyrants , Socialist and organizations that practice the art of Terror on innocent Americans
No longer is it acceptable to call fanatical , radical Muslims " terrorists ' .However it is perfectly acceptable to use this label for the brave , proud American Men and Women we call " Veterans "

The real terrorists are sneaking across the Mexican border while Napolitano makes sure they have free passage , and forbids law enforcement to investigate or enforce current immigration laws.
Obama is afraid of the veterans , conservative thinkers, people who oppose abortion and higher taxes ?Why ? Be cause he is rapidly trying to destroy our country .Obama knows this group of people ( at least 50% of the US population ) are true Americans , intensely patriotic , and see right through his SCAM. The other 1/2 of the population is looking for handouts , waiting for shirtless photos of the president, or supporting illegal immigration and are not patriotic.Obama knows from history he must take the guns out of the hands of Americans. without guns to protests his tyranny it will be like Tiananmen Square.Yeah that's right you will have rocks in your hands and Obama will send TANKS to kill the " opposition rebels "

But like all evil tyrants Obama has failed to factor in the resolve of the common man .
Obama fails to realize in States like Alabama and Texas we have a huge contingent of NATIONAL GUARD . The guard reports to the governor of the state not OBAMA. Many of these men have pledged not to bear arms against their neighbors to further Obama's Agenda .The national guard will let true patriots with their " banned weapons " fight side by side with them to overthrow communism on our soil .Don't kid yourself if the Afghans can do the job they are doing, Obama will never take our country from us .Now he might succeed in creating several smaller countries where baby killers and socialists live , and a " forbidden zone " where brave , FREE men live.

The Texas Governor has already stated succeeding from OBama is an option .Of course you may have seen the poll which says 75% of Texans don't like the idea.News flash the first time this happened 150 years ago the states didn't take polls or go door to door to get the votes .

Sadly, Obama wants just that a divided country, gives him the chance to invite the UN SOLDIERS in to the USA and whats left will be liberal followers who will not object.

Obama wants to either own all major business' in this country or unionize them . I say Obama should move to France if he doesn't like it here .
Obama wants blood flowing on main street .He will get it one of many ways , Food riots, civil war ,martial law, or his most favored avenue TERRORISM

Read the papers why can you not buy ammo or guns ? Because it is coming and lots of people are preparing . Are you prepared ? What happens when the food runs out and gangs of thugs come to your house to steal your food , money, and rape your women and daughters? At many houses they will pile the bodies up on the doorstep like they did during Katrina .This lets the thug know if he is willing to die to come on in ,if not go to another neighborhood where a liberal Obama supporter will cower in fear and be a victim.

The destruction of private enterprise and the seizing control of than banks are merely the first steps , when we get to the " gun grabbing " be prepared for it to get really ugly.

Ask yourself why will Obama not let the Banks repay the loans ?
Why has NONE of the money been used to buy toxic assets like it was legislated to do ?
Why are car companies passing on loans ( ask the fired GM CEO )
How long will the groceries last on the grocery store shelf ? 3 days maybe ?
Why is none of the trillions of dollars for " bail out " not being distributed ?

Never fear Obama plans to own a majority stake on the banks and unionize them like the car manufacturers in Detroit, if you do not comply with the " new deal" the bank shuts you down , NO money no food .. no gun what you going to do ?

Personally I know I would not sleep at night knowing Obama had control of the banks and union bosses were running them like the Detroit 3


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