Sunday, April 12, 2009

French method provides results

4-12-2009 8.55 AM EST

On April 8th I wrote an article describing how Obama would show his true intentions by bumbling through the Hostage situation with the Somalia pirates.Hillary Clinton warned about a 3 AM call. Obama received the call and does not even have the decency to comment on the situation.Wouldn't a simple " We condemn these actions and we will make sure the COWARDS holding American citizens will pay the full price for their actions".Well folks we cant expect Obama to do this .Obama is a MUSLIM and as such Muslims do not wage war or kill other Muslims. The road to get Obama to infiltrate our government has been a long and expensive journey.This is the reason that Obama will not produce his birth records or school transcripts or reveal how his tuition was paid for the elite liberal education he received in America. Obama was brainwashed at an early age by his AMERICAN HATING mother. Obama believes he is on a holy mission, that he is destined to change the world and receive all the rewards due to him in the after life.

The current administration is oh so quick to blame every thing on George Bush. Bill Clinton screwed up the whole mission in Somalia and today an innocent American's life hangs in the balance.Will ANYONE mention Clinton and how he is culpable here ?

The French on the other hand know how to deal with this situation , recently they sent an elite team of commando's to overtake a boat held hostage by the Somalia pirates. Today the world is without a few less Somalia pirates.

Mere minutes from now the Sunday morning talk shows will kick off .The blind, and overwhelming left leaning liberal media will attempt to sell the American public a bag of of really bad propaganda. We are going to be told this is not an act of terrorism. No in fact it's business ordeal. That's right piracy is a lucrative business, and these poor unfortunate pirates are just trying to make a living . Well couldn't we use the same idiotic argument for the drug violence in Mexico? The pirates attacked a ship flying an AMERICAN FLAG, sounds like an act of war to me .I predicted Obama would negotiate with these thugs and he is doing exactly that . The French negotiated a different way . The pirates negotiated the " business end" of a suppressed Heckler & Koch MP5 select fire 9mm entry weapon and died a quick death in the process.Why are we negotiating with the pirates ? We cant imprison them , we cant put them on trial . NOPE we can't, no one can because of the international laws . Obama would simply let the thugs go just like our GUESTS at CLUB GITMO.Obama has completely blown this deal , and most likely the brave Captain Richard Phillips will be killed and dismembered and paraded through Mogadishu because of Obama's screw ups .Just more change MORONS voted for .It 's 1993 all over again and we have an Idiot in charge of our country. A bigger idiot than BIll CLINTON. A bigger idiot than JIMMY CARTER ( and no one thought that was possible )

Wednesday I said we should send SEALS and or DELTA to remedy the situation .The French certainly did exactly that .It's a sad day in America when the COWARDS in France have more backbone and resolve to use military force than the " GOOD OLE US of A ". America takes the best of the best we have and we submit these brave men to unbelievable tests of endurance and stress. The few brave proud men that emerge are called SEALS . The whole concept is that we can deliver ( in mere hours ) 6 highly trained operatives, and this small squad can save the world from any scenario.These are brave men.These men know every mission is a suicide mission, and our willing to risk their lives to keep America safe . DELTA FORCE is a similar group.DELTA'S mere existence is denied by the US Government . These forces have plans to " neutralize" the whole Somalia pirate organization , but OBAMA will not let us take them out . OBAMA should have ordered a team of snipers to watch the life boat , when the captain tried his escape we would have 4 dead Somalia pirates and a rescued captain.Obamas should dismantle these elite strike forces if we do not use them in situations like this.

Obama has a great opportunity to save an innocent American, and also put some of the unruly countries back in their place . It's quite simple , we don't even have to worry about the life boat. US NAVY HQ delivers an encrypted message to a submarine near the south pole . The sub surfaces and fires a few ICBM'S armed with conventional warheads . The mansions the pirates live in on the Somalia coast are reduced to rubble .The 'walk softly and carry a big stick " message is this .
1) North Korea, yes we have ICBM and ours work with pinpoint accuracy .. no more BS from you or we send a few to North Korea.
2)IRAN, we do not know how much you paid for your 7000 centrifuges, but if you do not dismantle them we will do it for you , from far ,far far away .
3) Russia , yes we have THOUSANDS of these missiles and they work quite well so quit playing games and encouraging anarchy or we will be glad to play games with you.

Of course OBAMA wants to eliminate all the missiles and cease production of the F-22 fighter.
I wonder how many Somalia pirate mansions a single F -22 could eliminate ?

Captain Richard Phillips, 53, volunteered to go with the pirates in a Maersk Alabama lifeboat in exchange for the safety of his ship and its crew.Phillips had the crew lock themselves in a compartment and he agreed to be taken hostage to save his crew. If only OBAMA had the courage this man possesses in his pinky finger .

Captain Richard Phillips knew the risks when he volunteered to become a hostage. He did his duty , he did what the was trained to do . He did his job . Richard Phillips is surrounded by proud parents , friends, and wife .Phillips KNOWS who his father is and has family honor to uphold . OBAMA on the other hand , well we are not sure who his father is or where he was born. Obama's brothers? One has been arrested for drugs, and the other sexually assaulted a 13 year old girl . Most near Phillips know the odds of him returning home alive are not very good and are ok with that . Phillips knew when he walked on board to start this journey he had a good chance of being attacked by pirates.

Obama has let this man, his family and the American people down. Phillips seized a moment to jump overboard and try to escape , our BUFOON in chief didn't have our boys ready to offer covering fire . Phillips would have been ok with being shot while escaping .The man could have died with HONOR while trying to escape .Obama has on the other hand has dealt Captain Phillips quite a different hand.Phillips now can look forward to being tortured , the images pasted all over television and beheaded before his body is torn apart and paraded through town . The bad people in the world know OBAMA is a sick, twisted coward .If Phillips is really lucky his captors will just hold him hostage to the new president is sworn in. This never happened while George BUSH was president , because we would have wiped the pirates off the face of the planet.

Evil can only exist because good men take no action . Obama is not a good man .Obama is an EVIL man. If Obama was thrown out of office MONDAY he has accomplished much. He has weakened our economy , he is making our military weak. Obama has let all the evil people in the world its ok to mess with the USA while he is charge . Obama has planted the seeds of socialism and helped the Europeans to have a hand in making US policy .

Just ask yourself if a hostage situation erupted in your city would the SWAT OR HRT teams still be sitting around 4 days later ?

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