Monday, April 20, 2009


4-20-2009 11.00 EST
Obama insisted on releasing the the details of the " enhanced interrogation techniques". 4 Former and current CIA director Leon Panetta advised OBama not to release the details . Obama does not even listen to his own CIA director. The documents were stamped "TOP SECRET " a term than means release of the information would weaken the national security of the United States . Why will Obama not release the JFK documents or the Roswell documents ? Obama released the info because he is an arrogant man who perceives himself as a new messiah. Of course Obama sent some political puppets to defend it and they all said " Terrorists use this to recruit people " General Michael Hayden said 1/2 of the intelligence we gathered against terrorists came from these techniques. Obama has released a handbook for terrorists to train their assassins on how to resist our fact gathering . Cheney is right Obama makes us less safe .Whats a few ounces of water on your face ? I personally would rather endure water , bugs , just about anything rather than have my head chopped off . Obama is going to have full responsibility for the next attack on our soil and folks it will be TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DEAD AMERICANS
Why did Hilliary Clinton or some one from the NSA defend this action? WHY ? Because Obama is aiding and abetting terrorism that is why ?

Obama had a fantastic weekend he managed to snuggle up to HUGO CHAVEZ . First he invites Fidel and Cuba to be our buddies now he wants Chavez to reap the profits off of his America bashing book? Cuba is close to falling the sanctions are working .Why is Obama not saying you cant take American dollars to Cuba ?

Obama can now list Cuba and Hugo Chavez as his buddies ? Obama also announced Plans to build a new Train system for USA .
Obama the American president who bows to ARAB kings ( but not the English Queen ) .He hugs Hugo Chavez and Cuba has made no concessions for lifting of the sanctions against the Cuban government .Now Obama plans a national train system . Sound familiar ? Google Lenin, Mussolini, or Hitler and you can read how it all works out

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