Wednesday, April 15, 2009


4-15-2009 8.55 AM EST

Today many Americans will experience the pain and stress of getting their 2008 tax returns in the mail . History SHOULD remember this day as the day that America stood up and said NO MORE BARRY SOTERO . OBAMA just so happens to have a press conference that kicks off at 11.55 AM EST.
The media will be all over the press conference .You can count on it . Below are some questions on my mind before OBAMA launches his latest attempt at spreading SOCIALIST Propaganda to the American people .

1) Would the Left leaning , socialist aspiring , liberal media ignore the " Tea Party's " if it were Cindy Sheehan questioning George Bush on the war effort?
2) What role will ACORN play in disrupting the TEA PARTY'S?
3) Will the media express concern that ACORN could be using Tax dollars to make these protest?
4) Will the Department of Homeland security be observing the " radicals " at these events ?
5) Will protesters be arrested, and if so will it only be the conservative protesters or will ACORN disrupters go to jail as well
6)Does the media really squash your 1 st amendment right by not making this " prime coverage" , pasted all over the airwaves and cable outlets?
7) Will Obama denounce the ACORN people for creating havoc at the Tea Party?
8) Does ACORN have the right to be at the party since they do not have permits ? Will the organizers be able to ask local law enforcement to remove the ACORN people ?
9) Does Obama have a secret committee inside the White house to provide strategy and help to disrupt the Tea Party? ( like the one he organized to crusade against RUSH?)
10) Will Obama's Court Jester ( press secretary Robert Gibbs ) announce that the nation should be focused on the ECONOMY or will he use the Escalation of the Somalia Pirate situation ?
11) Will ANYONE comment and remind the American people the original Tea Party was organized when America was a British Colony and the protest was over a 3% tax and this was the spark that ignited the American Revolution and enabled the constitution and led to the forming this once great Nation?

Sean Hannity will be there along with his special guest " Joe the Plumber "
The Obama " change pattern is clear " he is using the same distraction/ corny line that Bill Clinton used " it's the Economy stupid " A few days ago the economic recovery was well underway due to OBAMA and his brilliant policies , now today as the TAX REVOLT simmers we will be told " many hard days are ahead of us "
This is the most inept , corrupt administration ever put in place on this continent and all the while NANCY PELOSI has not started one investigation? Its pure Tyranny .

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