Tuesday, April 21, 2009


4-21-2009 9.55 AM EST

Former VP Dick Cheney went on the record Monday night and challenged Obama to release the remaining documents on the " enhanced interrogation techniques" .Cheney questioned the point of releasing the legal decisions behind the interrogations but not the outcome of them.
Pretty simple stuff here , Obama is an opportunist and a propagandist .Wake up America you are being fed the same line of crap that Europe swallowed in the 30 's and had it not been for the good ole USA , we would all be speaking German right now , that is all of the blond hair , blue eyed people..... the remainder would be an " extinct species " . Obama is helping his Muslim brothers to gain back their foothold of terror and inflict harm to innocent Americans .

"It's important to not personally attack the new president -- I've never done that," said Cheney.

Remember when Bill Clinton was president and Hillary ranted about why you could not be an American and disagree with the president . Ouch Hypocracy sure hurts

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