Tuesday, April 28, 2009


4-28-2009 10.45 AM EST

A new strain of flu has reached the United States . The Mexican government has taken it quite serious , while BARRY the tyrant is acting like it is no big deal . I happen to know one of the state employees in my state who works on the pandemic team .He has told me repeatedly it's all about containing the outbreak and not curing .This is a virus ,it pretty much runs its course , if it kills you before you get better ,then you are just plain old dead . In Mexico schools are shut down , as well as the soccer arena . 75 children at one school in New York have it. Do the math 75 kids go home and give it to their parents and siblings .If 1 parent takes the virus to work how many people catch it and spread it to other people ? It makes no sense to allow people to come to this country who are infected with the virus . When will the ACLU make a statement saying we must let sick infected people into our country ?Our country has spent untold MILLIONS if not Billions studying and preparing for just this kind of scenario.Other countries in Asia are screening EVERY passenger and stop and quarantine SUSPECTED carriers of the flu .Soon we will see flights denied entry into countries. WE should shut the border down , but we here it will harm the economy.Shut all but the commercial traffic down and quarantine it until tests are available to check EVERYTHING .
Our government was formed to PROTECT US CITIZENS and its borders, of course we are doing neither here !!!
Because Obama is trying all tricks available to him including a limited vote in the senate to pass his huge GOVERNMENT controlled health care plan .Would you care to wager he mentions the flu outbreak and throws all kinds of propaganda into his speech Wednesday night to affirm this all could have been avoided had we had nationalized health care ?

Imagine this was a deadly ( and it is deadly ) bio hazard ..would Obama and his court jesters not seal the border ? Obama will no doubt so it took days to get all the info .With all the focus on the border violence how could the Obama team not known about this ?

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