Tuesday, April 21, 2009


4-21-2009 12.15 AM EST
Today Accused Somalia pirate Abdi Wali Muse is scheduled to appear in a New York court.
Many questions are floating around.how old is this accused pirate ? His father says 16, some believe he may be 19.I say it doesn't matter if we try him in America them he has committed adult crimes.He had in his possession an illegal fully automatic AK 47.
Who will rush to defend the accuses pirate ? Will the ACLU help?
Be certain this kid will get maybe a slap on the wrist . My hunch is that it will be decided the American anti piracy laws are old and outdated, or we do not have jurisdiction.
It will be a circus and in the end anti- Americanism will prevail .The only logical conclusion must be that since we had an American flag flying we caused it .That's right it's America's fault..we should be ashamed to navigate a ship in international waters and not give money to the poor nations of the world .
When will the accusations of abuse and torture emerge?When will Obama apologize to the world for killing innocent muslim entrepreneurs and subjecting the lone unfortunate survivor to the cruel and unjust American Justice system ?
This kid probably becomes a media darling and we grant him citizenship.
Some have suggested that we captured this accused pirate in an illegal manner .Well my advice was to let the pirates negotiate with the business end of an American rifle. 4 chose that and now the lone cowardly pirate will become an international poster child for ANTI -AMERICANISM

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