Sunday, January 4, 2009


This morning Harry Reid acknowledged he had in fact spoke with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich . Reid denied he had advised Blago against EVERY black appointee on Blago's short list and had suggested 2 white female candidates instead .Reid dismisses Blago's revelations as an attempt to divert attention from BLAGO. Now we learn U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald has stated an indictment may take several month's because of the MOUNTAIN of evidnece he has discovered. Smells like cover up to me . I am going to specualte that Senator Harry Reid is caught on tape talking to BLAGO about possbile appointees and its not pretty.

OBAMA has brought massive change to DC even before he has been sworn in .The normal corruption and dirty deeds that usally take a few years or a 2nd term to emerge are already fully in the news mere weeks after OBAMA was elected . Ask Bill Richardson ... he can tell you as he is under Federal grand jury corruption investigation and has withdrawn his nomination for Secretary of Commerce. I can hear the outpour from the Hispanic pundits already . Imagine what the the uproar will be when we find out McCain is going to be the lead guy on immigration reform instead of longtime Clinton crony Richardson . Looks like the wire taps the FBI had in place on Blago struck so deep and lead back to almost every Democrat in DC , that the FBI had to pull the PLUG and do it quickly before 2/3 's of DC was implicated .

I blogged 2 months ago that the Israeli's would test OBAMA and do it before he was elected . IDF will soon announce the must dismantle the maze of tunnels below GAZA. Where will this lead ? Egypt? IRAN ? YES IDF wants to strike IRAN and this is the opening act to a huge war in the mideast . $4 a gallon gas will be back in the next 8 weeks


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