Monday, January 5, 2009

Obama's cabinet picks

AS Obama returns from a secret mission to burn birth certificates ,and intimidate hospital workers in Hawaii, he has made yet another Cabinet pick . Imagine that!!! It is a former Bill Clinton white house insider.

Obama the man who promised to bring change to Washington.

Leon Panetta has be picked to head the CIA. I cant think of a quicker way to get the fanatical muslim based suicide bombers in our country than put a man with absolutely no previous experience in the intelligence community. All of Obama's cabinet picks have a few things in common. Corruption, lack of experience for the role they have been picked for and of course most or all worked for Bill Clinton. I guess if your looking to build a super corrupt far left agenda in DC , no easier way to do it than recruit the henchman of the famous murderous president Bill Clinton . How many suicides will be recorded on Obama 's watch ? Panetta is loyal liberal who drinks the Kool Ade by the gallon.Obama can count on him to squash , cover up and mis analyze the valuable info we receive daily on the war against terror . Reminds me of Lyndon Johnson. Any one care to bet Obama creates millions of jobs by CONSCRIPTION? Let's see how the poor inner city blacks and the misguided single soccer moms feel about OBAMA , When OBAMA declares some sort of emergency and re instates the Draft .Bob Novak reported that Hillary ha d dirt on OBAMA that would prevent him from being elected. Looks like Hillary and BILL have a mountain of dirt on Obama as this administration will be run by Hillary with Bill as her special advisor. Imagine what nations will say about the conflict of interest with Bills presidential library donations .

Bill Richardson has withdrawn amidst a federal probe into corruption in bonds issued in AZ. The same company is implicated in the indictment against Birmingham Alabama mayor Larry Langford. Langford is so so guilty .They joked about it on the sports call in shows for months before the FBI arrested him .

Rahm Emanuel, has anyone seen him since BLAGO was arrested? Rahm will be # 2 to be disgraced in the Obama cabinet .

OBAMA has brought the MOTHER of all CORRUPT administration to the American People .

It would Usually take 2 years to see this amount of corruption and Obama has already accomplished it with 2 weeks to go before being sworn in . Richardson was vetted 2 times and they missed it both time? HMMM I think the same people that have photos of Bill Clinton have swapped them for incriminating OBAMA documents and photos around Washington

Today it was revealed Caroline Kennedy DID NOT have to open her financial records up to serve in the NYC government. Sure looks like she is qualified )i.e. has secrets and gets special terms to cover the secrets up .


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