Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7 Days into OBAMANISM

1-27-2009 We find ourselves 7 days into the " historic " reign of " OBAMA the GREAT "
King Obama has his hands full and sadly has not a clue of what to do.Let us look at the NEW CHANGE we have since OBAMA Dictator for life has been sworn in .

Obama re took his oath of office after flubbing it . White House contacts said it was to make sure and there were no questions ? Transparent? What about his birth certificate? No need to make sure on that he has told us it's all above water

Obama signed an executive ordering allowing federal funds to pay for OVERSEA'S abortion . I think we can all agree that if we can't perform enough abortions in the USA then take the unused money and put it back into the budget ( OBAMA did promise to do just that thing didn't he ? )

Obama approved an airstrike inside of Pakistan killing at least 15 people . Of course the USA media didn't report this . Where are the liberals screaming about this? Oh, George Bush can't be blamed for it anymore? . Read the London Times to find out what is happening in OUR country .

The massive spending bill has met opposition from the right and they are going to fight it out with NANCY and Harry . Pelosi had to retract her contraceptive clause . Internal White house memo's state that only 50% of the money would infuse into the economy in the next 18 months . Obama's people said that it would be 75% because of the tax cuts ..Which Pelosi said will not work and they only included the tax cuts so the Republicans felt like they were involved in the process ( typical if the facts don't show their side then discredit the source ) Robert Reich has declared that only non white and unskilled people will be employed on the infrastructure portion of the bail out . NO racism here .. just good ole CLINTON political cronies ( more of the change that FOOLS voted for )

Hillary appoints Todd Stern as US envoy for global warming . I guess Hillary didn't get the email that MOST of the climate scientists claim global warming is a hoax and we are entering a new ICE AGE .

Obama has cautioned members of congress not to listen to Rush Limbaugh. this is the start of the fairness doctrine . Obama said he wanted to "encourage diversity in the ownership of broadcast media, promote the development of new media outlets for expression of diverse viewpoints, and clarify the public interest obligations of broadcasters who occupy the nation's spectrum." Just another example of the Government failing to recognize that LIBERAL talk radio has failed time and time again , now they want to punish a viable booming American industry . I guess OBAMA did not see the email about the economy being in a depression .

Obama declared that he would not let any lobbyist participate in his administration , and quickly made an exception to that rule .
Obama announced he would close GITMO , never mind we have no place to send these guys . Oh I know lets turn them loose so they can plot to bomb us , and show the whole world that terrorists are welcome here and will only receive a slap on the hand if caught ( not that Our boy LEON is going to have the CIA looking for them)

Obama announced that all questioning of terror suspects would be according to the army field manual ( except of course if we thought it was a real threat and then we could do whatever we needed to do to extract info) sounds a lot like George Bush ! ( more change in DC )

One thing is certain BUSH kept us safe for 7 years , Obama has kept us that way for 7 days .Will he make it to 7 months ? Highly unlikely . Rest assured his terrorists pals are sending sensitive USA info back to the middle east so they planner can launch a huge attack against us .

Well there you have it... OBAMA has changed nothing except hiring a BUNCH of ex CLINTON staffers to bring " CHANGE " .

Gun sales are at an all time high . the government wants to limit free speech. The administration is mired in accusations of corruptions and " pay for play "
Sadly even the liberal media is already questioning him. Looks pretty clear to me , if you have massive corruption, inexperienced leadership, and in fighting in congress only one out come . HELLO JIMMY CARTER !!!!


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Ted said...

With the mounting job casualties, here's hoping SCOTUS either finds someone, somewhere, has standing to require BHO's birth certificate or fixes attention on a criminal indictment before he wins his War on Prosperity.