Tuesday, January 20, 2009


1-20-2009 In mere hours MOST will witness what has been announced by all as HISTORY. yes it will be history in the future historians will refer to this as the " Decline and fall of western civilization " . Yes it begins right here today as OBAMA is accepted into the White House , determined to change the constitution and enslave all Americans not just the white ones.Obama is expected to sign a HORRIBLE piece of legislation into law .Last week, the House voted 289-139 to expand HR 3963, commonly known as SCHIP ( State Health Insurance Plan. the cost ? A cool 60 million!!. the bill is sponsored by a legislator from Michigan . Michigan already has massive fraud issues with the current plan and has said they can not police it because they do not have enough funding . Wholesale theft is what I would call it . the bill grants free insurance to all children in households making less than 63k per year .Naturally illegal aliens get this for of welfare even if they have stolen Social Security numbers .How does Obama pay for all of this ? NEW TAXES ..oops did I say Raise taxes ? the tax on cigarettes from 39 cents per pack to 1.00 per pack . IF we look at the demographics of smokers in Los Angeles county we find startling information . The % of smokers in LA county are 37% white , 34% Latino , 17% black and 12% Asian. since the latino and black population nationally is about 12% each , this means many more smokers are minorities and will pay a larger portion of tax for their racial segment .The other good news is that Insurance companies will lose enrollment, Corporations may drop family coverage all together and naturally your health care premiums as a non smoker will soar to pay for OBAMA'S new est form of welfare .
I think Obama will announce today that his lofty plans are not going to ALL be attainable . He will blame it on the economy . He will ask for personal sacrifices from every American . America will realize they got suckered on a bill of goods that could never happen

Have we forgot that Barry's friend BILL AYERS is a terrorist? ask the Canadian government they sure think so . Our own secret Service has stated that Obama could not enter the White House if he were not president due to his palling around with Ayers and Kalif ( who by the way claims to have a hotline to OBAMA . Welcome to the NEW USA where we embrace terrorists and want them to be viewed as nice guys .

Get used to the bail outs , give aways and HIGHER taxes on every thing . This new administration will print money and the dollar will be devalued . Obama takes office and the YEN is 90.52 to the dollar . This will kill the Asian Economy and send us further into the GLOBAL DEPRESSION . not to mention your trips to the grocery store will drain your life savings . Here is an idea .. lets give EVERYONE Food Stamps and drive the free market out of the grocery biz. See you at the food distribution center COMRADE !!

OABAMA is bringing change to America . He will raise the racial tensions the likes have not been seen since the 1960's . Count the White faces in the crowd today . What happens when black America does not receive the new car and house that many were promised by local organizers ?

the NEO Fascists have arrived !!!!

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