Thursday, January 22, 2009


1-22-2009. I refused to watch the immaculation of OBAMA. However I did put my request into DC to pick an alternate dispersion of my entitlement for life that OBAMA is giving all Americans.Why would I need a Personal Bail Out Plan ( PBOP ) if OBAMA is going to pay for everything ? I asked in lieu of a new vehicle and a 5 bedroom home in a gated community could I substitute a nice 49 foot or larger sailboat . I figure I could just move to the gulf coast rent a slip and live happily ever after.Living on the new AVF ( American victims fund )rations and what sea life I could catch from the pier should be tranquil and fun. The lady who took my application over the the phone said it was unlikely I would qualify for a substitution exemption. She implied that I did not really fit the profile of the " American Victim" . Since my ancestors first came to America and guarded Jamestown , and since have served in every war that America has been involved in , worked and paid taxes all of their lives this places me in the wrong voter deomographic .I think the implication here is, that if we all become American Victims, who will be left to work and pay all the new taxes to fund the socialism and welfare ? I realize a good many Americans are in this same debacle , so I am going to start the PBOP.

General Electric (GE ) Currently price at 13.20 , with a PE of 6.48 and a dividend of 9.6% ( $1.24 ) . imagine sitting in your cardboard box and cashing your quarterly dividend check , smiling knowing you were smart enough to make 9.6% for life , and running down to the YEN store to buy some 8 day old bread to have a good meal of bread and rock soup . Banks will fail but if GE goes bankrupt we will all be living in the stone age again so take the plunge

Intuitive Surgical ( ISRG ) currently at 95.00 PE of 18.80 .ISRG announces earnings today after the bell . I think the price tumbles and makes this an even better buy , try buying it at 11.30 EST Friday .If it goes up even better, catch the wave and ride it back to 230 or so .

United States Oil ( USO ) Can oil go as low as 25 bucks a a barrel? Yes it can and may dip there by Valentine's Day . But its going back up,way up. The devalued dollar from the new Socialism explosion will make the 147 price we saw as the high in 2008 soar past 200 bucks. If you can't beat them then join them .

INTEL ( INTC ) $ 12.80 PE of 13.97 and dividend of 56 cents (4.10 %) If we can believe that GE survives ,then we will need lots of computers. In the future so many American victims will be on welfare and refuse to work , that we will need fast robust computers to replace all the workers who opted out for a life of socialized welfare . Intel will always lead the world in CPU'S.. everyone knows that . Did you know that INTEL has the best Solid State Drive in the universe? They are also driving the new WI MAX initiative.This wireless broadband will let every one communicate via a wireless link , and big Brother will be able to use it to track the tracking modules embedded under your skin .


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