Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As the election results roll in across the Nation tonight the talking heads of ABC,CBS , and NBC will scramble to spin the overwhelming vote against Obama and his corrupt administration .
In the past week the spin has switched from " Democrats are confident that they can retain control of the House " to
" Democrats are focusing on preserving their majority in the Senate" .
Chuck said last night this is an " unprecedented election " , because this will be the 3rd consecutive cycle that control has shifted .
Sadly , Chuck failed to report the first 2 times it was Republicans losing seats .Today Democrats will be thrown out of office in a convincing manner .
Voting for Obama will cost many Dem's their Gravy Train seat , will they never learn ?

Today the huge sweep of CONSERVATIVE candidates winning races will likely eclipse even the blow out in the 1994 midterm.

ABC reported this morning that Miller is losing in Alaska , I question that I really do .
So what will the Spin be ?
More of the same ,lame, blame it on Bush and of course Sarah Palin and the Tea Party .
LSM will ask us to believe that people are still cleaning out " the mess Bush made "
NO this is a big message to Obama , he isnt getting it done ( not that any sane person could have believed him in the first place )
The media has shifted as some want to retain a shred of credibility .
Good thing they did it in the LAST WEEK before the election
Maureen O'Dowd is one , EJ Dione is now wondering what happened , and David Brooks once a proud flag carrier for Obama has decided he may want to report now instead of spin .
Johnson lost Cronkite , now who in the media will stand by Obama ?
Chris Matthews has gone from " tingles up his leg" to " he's been ELITIST, he's come with his teleprompter ,he has given his speech , he hasnt listened" .WOW Chris Matthews ? REALLY? NO REALLY why the sudden 180?
To say this to ANDREA MITCHELL ?
It is really that bad folks , meanwhile Obama will take what amounts to a small army, 3 HELO'S and over 100 vehicles on his Indonesia trip as he quickly leaves the USA after the humiliating mid term defeat, and debates whether to don a scarf and enter the Mosque .
Hillary is not around ?
Bill is pandering , flip flopping , and trying to get candidates to drop out of races,that way he looks like a team player for Dems as Hillary 2012 rears its head up .
Will Obama admit the voters are voting against him and the Democrats ?
Not a chance, he will say it is because Americans need more information about his corrupt policies ( OH NO ! not more lectures from " the one ") .
The losses in IL will likely be blamed on BLAGO.
Palin and the Tea Party will be a constant theme .

" People expected change to come faster , and this is the over reaction " Sure , yeah thats what it is

Independents and conservatives are voting agianst LIBERAL candidates and the corruption that accompanies them

"Republicans failed to capture 50 Senate seats "
That line will be used over and over again .
That will be the rallying cry " to show Republicnas failed "

Campaigns for 2102 will begin mere days after the election .

Expect the " unexpected " term to be over used , along with "The real question is will Republicans agree to work with the President "
The Obam pivot ? It is not even being considered .

Obama ,Pelosi , and Reid have been aloof and RULED , not governed , and it will be a tough road ahead for the Democrats .
Gridlock will be good thing!
Wait till we see Obama waffle when Republicans say they have to subtract $$ from one area of the budget to pass a new bill.
OBSTRUCTION,he will proclaim
Suddenly politicians like Collins & Snowe will vote against everything Obama .
Democratic Senators in 2012 are very vulnerable .
Will Chuck take his chalkboard and add up the wins in Florida, IL, and Nevada and do the math on potential 2012 electoral votes ?
Expect "some races to close to call " to be a common theme .
Challenges and lawsuits will linger for days and weeks
How many votes in AZ will be challenged because illegals cast them ?
Eric Holder is on the job , likely the story will be " DOJ made sure it didnt happen " SURE !
Obama has punched enough holes in the ship ,that it WILL sink , not If but when .
I guess as we watch him campaign for UN President we can all be proud!
Chuck really wants Gibbs' propaganda puppet job , how will he explain the reversal of direction if Republicans end up with 240 0r 250 seats in the House ?
I am with HANK JR .!

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