Monday, November 15, 2010


Another week and another discovery of what a corrupt and unconstitutional law Obamacare really is .

Remember the claim that 375,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions HHS said would apply for coverage in the first year of ObamaCare?
8,011 is the actual number that signed up .

The other bit of good news is that Kathleen Sebelius has granted
111 groups and businesses waivers from having to participate in Obamacare

As bad as that sounds it actually gets better .

Here are the top groups by number of participants :

UFT Welfare Fund ( NYC Teachers Union ) 351,000
CIGNA 265,000
AETNA 209,423
BCS Insurance( 29,500 McDonalds employees) 115,000

WOW just 4 groups account for 80% of the 1,175,411 individuals granted an exemption ?

Dig deeper and you find that BCS is the company that insures McDonalds employees at
10,500 U.S. locations.

Aetna provides the insurance plans to Home Depot Inc., Disney Worldwide Services, CVS Caremark Corp., Staples Inc. and Blockbuster Inc., among others.
Aetna also covers AmeriCorps teaching-program sponsors, who are required by law to make health coverage available.

SO what we have is a massive government takeover to make sure that low wage earners and people with pre existing conditions will have insurance with FULL BENEFITS .
Oddly , the pool of pre existing condition individuals are not interested in enrolling ( could it be they get better care through charitable organizations )
The pool of individuals that are left out in the cold because the corporations wouldn't provide robust health plans , suddenly find themselves exempted from the very law that would ensure they were covered under a real health care plan.

How many corporations and plans are covered by CIGNA ,AETNA, and BCS?
If McDonalds accounts for only 29,500 out of the 589,423 individuals covered by the exemption it has to be a large number of corporations.

Ruby Tuesday ,Olive Garden,Cracker Barrel,v, and Red Lobster received the exemption also .

GOOD job Pelosi and Obama , you passed a law that really does none of the things it is supposed to do ,and you created a mountain of paperwork in the form of new 1099 filings , not to mention restrictions on owning gold coins and numerous other worthless restrictions that are uncovered everyday

Could we have a count of the silly elected officials that voted for this travesty and would like to take their vote back ?

The exemptions are primarily Insurance and Health care providers and UNION workers

The lawyers will eat the exemptions up , how can that be " equal protection under the law " ?

Obama chastised George Stephanopolous for reading him the definition of a " TAX " from a dictionary and stated on ABC that OBAMACARE was not a tax

Should we be surprised that Obama has appointed a small army of lawyers to defend the lawsuits filed by the states against Obamacare , and the defense is " It's a new TAX"

Soon we will see how the 111 groups are positioned to the people who voted for Obamacare

More of the exemptions :
Service Employees Benefit Fund
UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust
HCR Manor Care
IBEW No.915
New England Health Care
Aegis Insurance
Alliance One Tobacco ( how hypocritical is that ?)
Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund
Assurant Health
Captain Elliot's Party Boats
Employees Security Fund
Florida Trowel Trades
O'Reilly Auto Parts
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund
UFCW Local 227
American Fidelity
Local 25 SEIU
GuideStone Financial Resources
Preferred Care, Inc.
UFCW Local 1262
Assisted Living Concepts
Grace Living Centers
Pocono Medical Center
Regis Corporation
Local 802 Musicians Health Fund
Medical Card System
Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund
Harden Healthcare
Health and Welfare Benefit System
Health Connector
Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc.
Baptist Retirement

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