Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Today Nancy Pelosi will preside over another day in a lame duck session of the House of Representatives.
Pelosi has refused to resign her role as the leader of the Democratic party in the House .
Heath Shuler is going to challenge Pelosi for the leadership position .
Jim Clayburn seems to have agreed to take a new position that leaves him 3rd in power .
Clyburn allowed Pelosi to make up a new position and buy him off , preventing him from challenging her for Minority leader
Clyburn sold out , he would have 39 votes of the CBC and with Shuler looking for votes ,would it be impossible for some one to take the gavel from Pelosi in the 112th Congress?

Pelosi has her hands full as she tries to pass legislation in the lame duck session .
Obama was scheduled to have a meeting in the White House to discuss the issue of extending the current tax rates on November 18th.That meeting has now been rescheduled for Nov. 30th.
What issues that need to be voted on in the session ?

"Doc Fix " The current " patch " expires on Nov. 30th , the Democrats withheld this compensation out of Obamacare to manipulate the cost , will Republicans remind them of this ?

" Tax Cuts " Pelosi didn't have the votes to defeat the extension before the midterms and it doesn't seem likely that has changed

" START TREATY " Kyl has indicated this will not pass in the SENATE until the new Senators are sworn in 2011.

" DREAM ACT" A cute name for AMNESTY not many folks agree with Obama sueing AZ , and this seems unpopular as well.

" Unemployment Benefits " Many lawmakers were skeptical of this the last time it was extended may be even tougher this time around .Perhaps Pelosi will let it be voted down and blame it on Republicans ?

"FY2011 BUDGET " the continuing resolution funding the government in the absence of a budget expires on Dec. 3rd.

Pelosi pulled one of her dirty tricks by not creating the FY2011 budget and bringing it to a vote before the midterm elections .
What was her motive ? Is it a different motive than the one she had when she withheld the FY2009 budget until after the 2008 election ?

The USA is currently operating on a " continuing resolution " . Did Pelosi really believe she could write a new budget in 2011 because the Democrats would retain control of the House ?
NO, she knew she didn't have the votes for another massive budget and even presenting it for a vote would be bad for Democrats in the midterm elections .

Pelosi will probably waste the entire session and that's a good thing as she has already spent the country broke on the previous budgets she has passed .

The infighting and blame game is about to begin .
The CBC will at some point have to denounce Pelosi , so called " moderate Democrats " will run from Pelosi , and the Republicans have voted together for 2 years and are not about to change course now .

Obama is in a tough spot , he says he will not bend on extending the current tax rates for people making over 250K .
He will soon find out he will either have to break that promise or veto a bill that will raise taxes on everyone .

Once Boehnor is sworn into office in January , Obama will no longer have the easy path he has enjoyed in the House for the last 2 years .

21 Democratic Senators are up for re election in 2012 and will surely think long and hard about voting on anything that looks like it has the Obama seal of approval .

More of Obama's advisors will jump ship as it has veered of course and a few holes are leaking .
How long before the Democratic strategists decide that Obama will not win re election in 2012 and unless they get Hillary to run , a Republican will be elected President and OBAMACARE will be repealed .

Can Obamacare be defunded ?
It will fly through the HOUSE and onto the Senate . Which Senators will be brave enough to vote against the repeal and have that
used against them in the 2012 elections ?
Obama would have to VETO it and that would not go well at all with most Americans .
Obama has lost the independent voters , soon he will lose favor with the far left liberals also.

Expect the next few days to be really bad for Pelosi , Obama , and Democrats in general .
Congress will only be in session a few more days until they break and when they go back to D.C. , John Boehnor will be in control of the House and all of a sudden Obama will have to climb down from his ivory tower and try to work with both parties in Congress.
He won't , he can't .His ego and radical leftist agenda will not allow him to do so .
Obama will resort to executive orders and other tricks to impose his agenda and bypass Congress.
How will Americans feel about that ?

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