Sunday, October 31, 2010


Now that video has surfaced that casts a different light on the Rand Paul incident , we get a " MOONBEAM MOMENT " from Alaska.
First let's look back at events and view them in their totality .
Once upon a time every where Obama spoke some one fainted , then he became President.
Obama went back on the circuit to stump for Democratic candidates in the midterms .
People again fainted ( on cue ) and it was convienantly caught by the news media,
Bill Clinton went out stumping and they fainted for him also .
In all cases not only were Obama and Bill calm and cool under fire, they also had quick one liners to add.
Next the cell phone wasnt hung up by the Jerry Brown crew and we had the Meg Whitman moment .
Enter Josh Moon the man who received a bag of rocks , a shocking and fabulous story that died a quick death when people simply said " show us the proof "
Next comes the incident at the Rand Paul rally .
Bill Clinton re emrges and tries not once but twice to get the minority candidate in Florida to drop out of the race .
This is the SECOND time that Clinton has ADMITTED to doing something like this .
Has he performed this act ONLY twice and got caught both times , or.......
Today there seems to be credible evidence that a local CBS affiliate in Alaska conspired to create an event to discredit Joe Miller .
So what does this all mean ?
Liberal spin doctors will say this is going on , in both sides of the aisle .
Perhaps they are right .
Perhaps the Liberals are doing a tremendous more amount of it and just getting more often .
Then again , maybe the Liberals are just plain stupid and get caught more often .
I look forward to the defense of this audio track by the Liberals ( unless of course they are in hiding from the new Rand Paul video )
Naturally we shouldnt rush to conclusions , but then again the Audio is there and has been authenticated by McDermott, who sent a text to Randy DeSoto ( Miller's campaign manager )stating , “Damn iPhone… I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”
Have you received an email with "tips " on how you can help discredit a conservative candidate ?
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